Ne Jumskis, o Ivinskis

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Ne Jumskis, o Ivinskis
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Ivinskis instead of Jumskis
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Ambraziejus Kašarauskas; Autorystė; Kazimieras Būga; L. Ivinskio Lenkų-lietuvių kalbų žodynas; L. Ivinskis; Leksikografija; Leksikografijos istorija; Lenkų-lietuvių kalbų žodynas; Rankraštiniai žodynai.
"Polish-Lithuanian dictionary" by Ivinskis; Ambraziejus Kašarauskas; Attribution; Handwritten dictionaries; History of lexicography; Kazimieras Būga; L. Ivinskis; Lexicography; Polish-Lithuanian dictionary.
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn this paper the author examines excerpts from a "Polish-Lithuanian dictionary", quoted in Ambraziejus Kašarauskas' (Kossarzewski) manuscript Litvanica (1857-1863). In 1923 these excerpts were published by Kazimieras Būga in "Tauta ir žodis" (vol. 1) under the title "Išrašai iš žemaičio Jumskio žodyno" [Extracts from the Dictionary of Jumskis the Samogitian). After the aforementioned text was compared with Kašarauskas' manuscript, which is currently available at the Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library, it became clear that Būga had misread the name in the title. What Kašarauskas wrote was as follows: Słowa rzadsze ze słownika polsko-litewskiego Jwmskiego. Thus the author of this paper argues that because of the misspelled name in which the dot on; was missing and because ń was misspelled as n, Būga read the name as Jumskiego. After the comparison of the so-called Jumskis' Dictionary with Laurynas Ivinskis' manuscript Polish-Lithuanian Dictionary there remained no doubt that Kašarauskas had taken these extracts from this particular dictionary. Besides, in support of the Ivinskis version, the paper presents the following additional arguments: (1) the name Jumskis cannot be found neither in Lithuanian nor in Polish dictionaries of family names; (2) apart from the extracts from the Polish-Lithuanian Dictionary, Kašarauskas' manuscripts contain a number of copies from Ivinskis' texts, where the name Jwińskiego appears four times; this testifies to the cooperation between Ivinskis and Kašarauskas; and (3) with his dictionary in progress, Ivinskis (rather than Jumskis) was a widely recognized lexicographer of his time; moreover, he was described as such by Kašarauskas in his publication Pismo zbiorowe Wileńskie (1862).In addition, the paper considers some extra-linguistic aspects, which led to the misreading of the name - Būga had no information about Ivinskis' Dictionary which was not available in Lithuania at that time. It is also maintained that the extracts quoted by Kašarauskas appeared not exactly as they were in Ivinskis' Dictionary. Finally, a few comments are added about the presentation of materials in connection with the so-called Jumskis' Dictionary in "Lietuvių kalbos žodynas" [Dictionary of Lithuanian Language], where references to Jumskis' Dictionary are made in a number of ways: Jms (=Jumskio žodynas), Kos (=Kašarausko raštai) and TŽ (= Tauta ir žodis). It is also pointed out that a number of word forms, given in Jumskis' Dictionary, which is, in fact, Ivinskis' Dictionary, should be amended, namely duokna (dūkna?), ešerpūkis (=ešerpuokis?), kraušlakis (=krauslakis?), ogys, uogys (?), moplys, niplys (?), varė (=vairė?). A conclusion is drawn that it is necessary to publish Ivinskis' "Lithuanian-Polish Dictionary" and carry out its further research. [From the publication]

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