LMA Vrublevskių bibliotekos raižinių rinkiniai : įrašai ir savininkai

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Straipsnis / Article
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LMA Vrublevskių bibliotekos raižinių rinkiniai: įrašai ir savininkai
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Collection of engravings in the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences: inscriptions and owners
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Grafikos kūriniai; Lietuvos mokslų akademijos Vrublevskių biblioteka; Nuosavybės įrašai; Raižinių rinkinys; Savininkai; Vrublevskių biblioteka.
Collection of engravings; Owners; Ownership inscriptions; Pieces of graphics; Previous owners; Provences; The Wroblewski Library; Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian academy of Sciences.
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LTTado Vrublevskio įsteigtoje Eustachijaus ir Emilijos Vrublevskių bibliotekos draugijoje, taip pat Vrublevskių bibliotekos draugijoje mokslui remti, vėliau Vrublevskių bibliotekoje, be rankraščių, knygų ir kitų spaudinių, buvo renkami ir grafikos kūriniai. Dabar jie saugomi LMA Vrublevskių bibliotekos rinkiniuose. Straipsnyje norima aptarti Vrublevskių bibliotekos raižinių rinkinį. Tyrinėjami grafikos kūriniuose esantys įrašai, kurie padeda atskleisti sąsajas su buvusiais savininkais ir jų rinkiniais. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe holdings of the Wroblewski Library of the Academy of Sciences include pieces of graphics containing manuscript inscriptions pointing to the collections of the Wroblewski Library of the early 20th century. These pieces, along with books, manuscripts, maps and other museum valuables, started to be amassed in 1912, by the Society of the Friends of the Eustachy and Emilia Wróblewski Library. The latter was founded in Vilnius by the lawyer and bibliophile Tadeusz Wróblewski and later reorganized to the Eustachy and Emilia Wróblewski Society for Science Support. The inscriptions discussed in the article are classified into six groups in order to identify the initials of the owners, their collections and donated art pieces. Some of the inscriptions are gift dedications that characterize the owners of the engravings and their environment. The examination of the engravings shows that the collection of the Wroblewski library has been formed from private collections owned by various individuals in the 19th–early 20th century. The previous owners of the engravings include both the authors of some of the inscriptions and individuals mentioned in their texts. Not all of them were noted collectors, some probably owned only a few art pieces, while others were family estate executors. [From the publication]

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