Vietos savivalda Lietuvoje 1990-2013 metais: vietos savivaldybių kompetencijos pokyčiai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Vietos savivalda Lietuvoje 1990-2013 metais: vietos savivaldybių kompetencijos pokyčiai
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Local self-government in Lithuania in 1990-2013: changes of the competence of Municipalities
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Reikšminiai žodžiai: Kompetencija; Savivaldybės; Savivaldybės kompetencija; Savivaldybės organizacinė struktūra; Vietos savivaldybė; Vietos valdžia; Competence; Competence of municipality; Local authority; Municipality; Of municipality.
Kompetencijos / Competencies; Savivaldybės; Savivaldybės kompetencija; Savivaldybės organizacinė struktūra; Vietos savivaldybė; Vietos valdžia.
Competence of municipality; Competence; Local authority; Municipality; Of municipality.
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LTStraipsnyje autorius tęsia Lietuvos vietos savivaldos sistemos ir jos raidos per dvidešimt trejus metus (1990-2013 m.) sisteminį nagrinėjimą ir apibūdina kitą svarbų, teorijoje ir praktikoje nemažai diskusijų keliantį vietos sa vivaldos sistemos aspektą (elementą): rašo apie vietos savivaldybių kompetenciją ir jos pokyčius per laikotarpį nuo 1990 metų iki dabar. Straipsnyje apžvelgiami tokie vietos savivaldybių kompetencijos elementai kaip kompetencijos nustatymo būdas, struktūra (jos skirstymas į grupes), jos mastas, kompetencijos ir jai įgyvendinti reikalingų finansinių išteklių adekvatumas. Autorius susikoncentruoja tik į Lietuvos vietos savivaldybių kompetencijos problematiką, sąmoningai susilaiko nuo jos lyginimo su kitų šalių vietos savivaldybių kompetencija, taip pat nekelia sau tikslo polemizuoti su kitais mokslininkais, tyrinėjusiais šią tematiką. [Iš leidinio]

ENThere are many research papers on local self government since 1990s till present in Lithuania. However, according to the author, there is a lack of research papers where the dynamic (changing) Lithuanian local self government system would be analyzed systematically (i.e. not just a separate aspect (element) but the entire local self-government system consisting of separate and linked together aspects (elements)). The author had published several articles in the academic journal "Public policy and administration". In this article the author presents opinion and judgment based on more than twenty years' worth of gathered knowledge about such aspects of local self-government system as system of administrative-territorial units, the national and international legal acts regulating local self government, the main definitions – local municipality and local authority – as well as their development throughout the period of 1990 till present and the like. The aim of this article is to continue the systematical research of Lithuanian local self-government system during the twenty three years (1990-2013) and determine other important aspect (element) of local self government system which are largely discussed about in theory and practice – competence of local municipality and it's development during the period since 1990 till present day. Summarizing the results, the author presents the following conclusions. The competence of Lithuanian municipalities has changed greatly since 1990 till present day by judging all three of its aspects – defining of the competence, its content and division into groups. If there are no problems when dividing competence (functions) of municipalities into groups, then some interesting discussions are born on selecting "suitable" method of legal regulation regarding competence of municipalities.In addition to that, there are some changes to the attitude as to how much the competence of municipalities actually determines real independence of municipalities. Throughout the studied period there has been tension between the State authority and the local municipalities regarding the adequacy between functions of municipalities set by the law and financial resources to fulfill those. The municipalities and the Association of municipalities of Lithuania representing their public interests have been using different measures in order to defend their own interests: they have contacted the Congress of local and regional authorities of European Council, they have also had taken legal action against the Government of Lithuania and the like. The situation is improving, however the process is slow. According to the Congress of local and regional authorities of European Council dated the 21st of March, 2012 the Recommendation No 321, which was issued for Lithuania and initiated after a second supervision procedure in 2010-2011, has stated, that "municipalities do not have sufficient financial resources necessary to fulfill their designated duties..." and it has been recommended ,to ensure, that local authorities' institutions are provided with sufficient financial resources based on the principle, that resources have to match the local authorities' functions and duties. [From the publication]

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