Orientas ir vizijos Gracijaus Sakalausko kūryboje

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Orientas ir vizijos Gracijaus Sakalausko kūryboje
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Orient and visions in the religious music of Gracijus Sakalauskas
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Gracijus Sakalauskas; Orientas; Religinė muzika; Vargonai; Vizijos; Gracijus Sakalauskas; Lithuania; Organ; Orient; Religious music; Visions.
Gracijus Sakalauskas; Orientas; Religinė muzika. Bažnytinė muzika. Sakralinė muzika / Religious music. Sacral music; Vargonai / Organs; Vizijos.
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ENThe creative work of father Gracijus Sakalauskas is greatly valued and appreciated in Lithuania. Given that in Soviet times sacred organ music and the Church teachings were forbidden, it required nothing less than utter devotion to one's religious vocation and the creative power of the composer and organist Gracijus Sakalauskas to turn it into a palpable cultural phenomenon. Thanks to him, numerous organs were built in the churches of Marijampolė, Liudvinavas, Vilkaviškis, and elsewhere. Sakalauskas composed religious psalms for the choir, new sacred organ music, while transcending the ideological limitations of his time. The creative work of Sakalauskas is deep dialog with secular culture, Orient, the depths of past civilizations, the Sacred Writ. It is important to stress that his ideas are very much alive even today in the way of contemporary art transformations, in the "static sounds of painting," in the cinema, in recent musical work with its keen sense of the endless. The works of sacred organ music by Sakalauskas are "Domine, clamavi ad te" (1984), "Vie Laments of the Prophet Jeremiah" (1994), and "Campi lugentes" (2008), the latter being related to both Georgia and Lithuania. [From the publication]

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