Profesinio informavimo taškų veiklos kokybės vertinimas ir gerinimas : problemos ir perspektyvos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Profesinio informavimo taškų veiklos kokybės vertinimas ir gerinimas: problemos ir perspektyvos
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Quality assessment and improvement of practice of centres for vocational information: problems and perspectives
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Pedagogika. 2012, 105, p. 20-31
Profesinis informavimas; Kokybės vertinimas; Kokybės gerinimas; Profesinio informavimo taškas.
Vocational information; Quality assessment; Quality improvement; Centres for Vocational Information.
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LTStraipsnyje pristatoma profesinio informavimo svarba švietimo ir socialinės politikos tikslų pasiekimui, aptariama profesinio informavimo taškų (PIT) veiklos struktūra ir pagrindinės funkcijos. Pagrindžiami PIT veiklos kokybės vertinimo tikslai, eiga ir esminiai vertinimo parametrai. Remiantis atlikto 308 PIT veiklos kokybės vertinimo duomenimis, analizuojamas PIT veiklos kokybės vertinimo rodiklių pagrįstumas bei siūlomos jų veiklos gerinimo gairės. [Iš leidinio]

ENVocational information is important for development of Lifelong Learning strategy, which is tightly connected with education and social policies’ goals. Its economic dimension strengthens the imperative for quality assurance in provision of service since proper development of vocational information, in a long run, makes a positive influence on county’s welfare. The goal of this paper is to discuss the opportunities for quality assessment and improvement of Lithuanian Centres for Vocational Information (CVI). The goal was achieved in three steps: importance of vocational information as well as structure and main functions of the CVI were presented; aims, process and essential parameters of quality assessment of the CVI were validated; validity of quality assessment indicators was determined and guidelines for quality improvement were suggested. Meta-analysis of surveys, studies, other documents of the topic as well as empirical survey of quality assessment of three hundred eight CIV were used for achievement research goal. The main clients of the CVI are pupils. CVI staff performs such functions as collection and administration of information on educational system(s) and labour market, presentation of information for clients providing them with the possibilities to take rational decisions for the choice of first occupation and career designing. If to assure the quality of service, it should be assessed periodically; the assessment data brings the guidelines for improvement. In short run the quality of vocational information services should not be assessed according to clients’ achievements (e.g. number of their decisions). The CVI quality assessment consists of self-assessment and external assessment in five dimensions: material and financial resources, administration of information, provision of information, external affaires, and competence of staff.The data of survey showed that some indicators used in the CVI quality assessment are disputable: in the dimension of material and financial resources – collection of various (prints, video, etc.) materials because of rapid changes and Internet, also criterion of sufficient of recourses because of not regulated CVI finances at state level; in the dimension of information administration – sort of information based on alphabet but not topic. For the effectiveness of the CVI performance assurance and improvement of vocational information services, the recommendations on state, district and institutional level are provided in the paper. [From the publication]

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