Edukologijos daktaro disertacijų temos Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Edukologijos daktaro disertacijų temos Lietuvoje
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Topics of doctoral dissertations in education science in the republic of Lithuania
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Pedagogika. 2012, 105, p. 7-13
Edukologijos daktaras; Disertacijos; Tyrimo objektas.
Doctor of educology; Theme of doctoral dissertation; Objective of the research.
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LTStraipsnio tikslas – apibūdinti ir įvertinti Lietuvos edukologijos mokslo daktarų parengtų ir apgintų disertacijų (įskaitant nostrifikuotas Lietuvoje) tematiką. Analizuoti Lietuvos mokslo tarybos paskelbti duomenys „Lietuvos mokslo potencialas“, apimantys daugiau kaip 50 metų laikotarpį. Pateikiama 709 apgintų edukologijos daktaro (ir pedagogikos kandidato) disertacijų temų statistinė apžvalga, atskleidžiamos šio proceso tendencijos, apibūdinami VPU (dabar – LEU) nuo 1993 m. edukologijos daktaro laipsnį įgijusių edukologijos mokslininkų disertacijų tematikos reikšmingumo ir sudėtingumo ypatumai, aptariama disertacijų temų parinkimo doktorantams dabartinė praktika. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle describes the topics of doctoral dissertations maintained and recognized (after nostrification) on Social sciences (Education) in Lithuania within the period of more than 50 years. Statistical presentation of the dissertation topics included into the List of the Research Council of Lithuania and their correlation with postgraduate studies and the type of higher education institution the PhD diploma has been issued by is provided. The article also covers the assessment of the complexity of the research topics, scientific novelty and theoretical significance of the doctoral dissertations maintained at the Lithuanian University of Educational sciences (the former Vilnius Pedagogical University). The authors discuss the possibilities of the enhancement of good practice related to successful preparation of PhD. The experience of the Council of the Joint Postgraduate Studies (uniting Lithuanian University of Educational sciences, Kaunas Technological University, Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education, Šiauliai University) has been shared while organizing and evaluating the candidates’ readiness for postgraduate studies. The Council’s positive attitude has been expressed in providing the candidates with the possibility to pre-propose the research topic, prepare for it, ground the problem of the research and relate it to the personal scientific interests. The fields that need to be improved are also described in the article. [From the publication]

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