Ugdomojo vadovavimo taikymas kaip edukacinės praktikos naujovė mokant technologijų pagrindinėje mokykloje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Ugdomojo vadovavimo taikymas kaip edukacinės praktikos naujovė mokant technologijų pagrindinėje mokykloje
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Applying of coaching as a novelty of education practice in teaching technologies at comprehensive school
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Pedagogika. 2011, 102, p. 61-67
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Ugdomasis vadovavimas; Asmeninis potencialas; Komandinis darbas; Coaching; Personal potential; Team work.
Asmeninis potencialas; Darbo organizavimas / Organisation of work; Ugdymas / Education.
Summary / Abstract:

LTAktuali šiuolaikinio ugdymo proceso organizavimo problema yra siekis parinkti ugdymo turinio pateikimo būdus, padedančius atskleisti ugdytinio individualybę. Straipsnyje aptariamas ugdomojo vadovavimo (angl. coaching) metodas, suteikiantis galimybę formuoti tikslingą komandinį darbą, kur ugdoma savarankiška asmenybė, galinti įgyvendinti savo potencialias galimybes, gebanti priimti sprendimus ir prognozuoti bei atsakyti už galimas pasėkmes. Ugdomojo vadovavimo metodika pristatoma apžvelgiant į jos taikymo galimybę per technologijų pamokas komandinio darbo kontekste. Nagrinėjamas Trakų r. Lentvario Motiejaus Šimelionio gimnazijos mokinių požiūris į ugdymo naujovę. [Iš leidinio]

ENChanging economical, political and technological environment more and more often encourages educating the youth which is able to adapt to changes, realise creative ideas, understand contemporary technological processes. Radical changes in the society make one pay attention to correlation which reaches open communication and responsibility for one’s behaviour. The relevant problem of contemporary educational process is choosing such methods for presenting the content of education which help to reveal the individuality of the educated one, his / her self-expression, self-actualisation, the ones which help to receive information and immerse oneself into the educational process in accordance with the differences of the personality, individual learning style. During recent decades the concept of coaching, a methods which opens up a possibility to form expedient team work, which develops an independent personality able to realise its potential powers, take decisions, foresee and accept possible consequences has been widely discussed in Lithuania. This method which is widely applied in business allows looking at the team work in a new and modern way. Today’s living environment keeps forcing us to solve more and more complicated problems, including technological ones. The purpose of technological education is to help to adapt oneself to the surrounding material world, to understand its impact and benefit, to learn how to evaluate it, therefore, the teacher is more and more often made to look for new methods and ways how to help the student. The environment of technological education foresees a creative attitude towards the process when both during group and individual work activities the student is allowed to find solutions to the problems independently, therefore, it can be supposed that it is meaningful to apply coaching namely in the context of technological education.The purpose of the article is to prove the expedience of applying the method of coaching in technological education in the context of organizing team work. The article analyses the meaning and history of the concept of coaching. Insights and possibilities of applying coaching in technological education have been discussed here. The purpose was reached by presenting the methodology of coaching which is applied in technological education in the context of organising team work. The indexes defined during the research reason the efficiency and expedience of applying the methodology. [From the publication]

1392-0340; 2029-0551
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