Application of coaching for the development of women entrepreneurship skills

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Application of coaching for the development of women entrepreneurship skills
Asmeninis tobulėjimas; Koučingas; Moterų verslumas; Verslumo plėtra; Verslumo ugdymas; Verslumo įgūdžiai.
Coaching; Entrepreneurship development; Entrepreneurship skills; Female entrepreneurship; Personal development.
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn recent years there has been a huge interest amongst practitioners and researchers in female entrepreneurship in Lithuania. Lithuanian Government has also started several initiatives on helping women to start their businesses, however most of them included practical seminars, but not the tools helping women to develop entrepreneurial mindset and improve personal skills. As coaching has become a very popular management and personal development tool amongst business owners, it is also considered an effective tool for personal and professional development of women entrepreneurs. It is realistic and adjustable to their true needs, expectations and business context. The purpose of this article is to review the literature and find out if there is an impact of coaching towards the development of female entrepreneurship. This article is based on a systematic analysis of theoretical literature, general and logical analysis. The obtained results have shown that coaching can have an impact on entrepreneurship, but the research question raised is may coaching be used as a tool for female entrepreneurship development. [From the publication]

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