Sielvarto metaforos lietuvių ir rusų kalbose

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Sielvarto metaforos lietuvių ir rusų kalbose
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Conceptual metaphors of sorrow in Russian and Lithuanian
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Filologija. 2003, Nr. 8, p. 25-32
Emocinės būsenos; Gretinamoji semantika; Konceptas; Lietuvių ir rusų kalbų gretinamasis tyrimas; Rusų kalba; Sielvarto konceptualiosios metaforos; Sielvarto metafora.
Concept; Conceptual metaphors of sorrow; Contrastive semantics; Contrastive study of Lithuanian and Russian languages; Emotional states; Grief metaphor; Russian.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe present paper deals with the analysis of the perception of an emotional state, accordingly called sielvartas 'sorrow ' and горе 'sorrow 'in Lithuanian and Russian. As conceptual metaphors are linked not only with man's sensual, but also with the whole nation's cultural experience, the conceptualization of emotional states in languages should differ. While analyzing the conceptualization of the emotional state in adjacent languages we used examples which come from the corpus (http://donelaitis.vdu.It) compiled by the Computational Linguistics Centre in Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, the Russian language computational word-stock ( and various source of fiction and publicistic writing. Sorrow in the Lithuanian and Russian languages is perceived on the basis of almost thesame conceptual metaphors: SORROW - THING, SORROW - BOTTOM, SORROW -ELEMENTAL FORCE, SORROW - ILLNESS, SORROW - FIRE, SORROW - BURDEN,SORROW - LIQUID, SORROW - PLANT, SORROW - LIVING BEING. Furthermore, sorrow in languages under comparison is perceived as an intensive, undesirable and negatively evaluated emotional state, which is aimed to control; however, there is a lack of such control. Sorrow is conceptualized as an active subject. Some differences of the same metaphors show that in Russian sorrow is perceived as a more intensive, containing more force and aggression phenomenon, so it is a dangerous emotional state. [text from author]

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