Europos Sąjungos telekomunikacinių įmonių veiklos išlaidos ir jų mažinimo galimybės

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Europos Sąjungos telekomunikacinių įmonių veiklos išlaidos ir jų mažinimo galimybės
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Expenses of telecommunications companies in the European Union and their influence on company activities
Prancūzija (France); Švedija (Sweden); Vokietija (Germany); Lietuva (Lithuania).
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama Europos Sąjungos telekomunikaciniu įmonių veiklos išlaidos, jų sudėtinės dalys. Atlikta Baltijos regiono šalių (Lietuvos AB „Lietuvos telekomas", Latvijos „Lattelekom", Estijos „Eesti Telefon") bei keturių didžiausiu Europos Sąjungos šalių (Vokietijos „Deutsche Telekom", Švedijos „TeliaSonera", Prancūzijos „France Telecom" ir Didžiosios Britanijos „British Telecommunications") fiksuoto ryšio telekomunikacijų kompanijų išlaidu analizė bei įvertintos išlaidu mažinimo galimybės. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe main purpose of the research was to analyze European Union telecommunications companies' expenses for period 1998-2003 and influence of the expenses on the ability of the company to compete in the telecommunications market.Results of the research shows that major expenses of the telecommunications companies were: payments to employees, payments to other carriers for telecommunications services and expenses on the licenses to provide third generation mobile services in the market. A remarkable fact is that the biggest fixed line carriers in the European Union such as British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom had huge expenses in middle and west Europe where other companies were purchased to gain extra customers and revenues. However, almost all companies were forced to make more than one restructure during the period and sell some companies in the region to reduce the expenses that were too high and negatively influenced on companies' ability to keep competitiveness in the market. The most effective ways to reduce expenses were to review a number of employees, sell any other business that is not related with main business or sell unnecessary property. After a negative impact of the 3G license purchase in 2001-2002 telecommunications companies were very careful about further investments in telecommunications market. Majority of the companies were focused mainly on any possibility to reduce expenses and keep the market share as competition was very tough during the period. [From the publication]

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