Organizacinės kultūros diagnozavimo problemos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Organizacinės kultūros diagnozavimo problemos
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Problems in diagnosing organizational culture
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2002, Nr. 24, p. 171-183
Apklausa; Darbuotojai; Organizacinė kultūra.
Employees; Organizational culture; Questionnaire.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojamos organizacinės kultūros diagnozavimo priemonės, akcentuojant, kad geriausiai organizacine, kultūrą galima ištirti, kai dirbama kartu su darbuotojais. Pateikiamos įvairių autorių organizacinės kultūros diagnozavimo priemonės, klausimai, dažniausiai naudojami organizacinės kultūros ištyrimui. Aptarti dažniausiai taikomo metodo - apklausos privalumai ir trūkumai. Pateikti organizacinės kultūros tyrimo duomenys septyniolikoje Lietuvos verslo organizacijų. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article analyzes problems in diagnosing organizational culture and problems related to the proper investigation in organizational culture. The expressed idea is that the best way to decode the organizational culture is the method of working together with the employees of the organization (Schein, 1992). It provides a better possibility to explicate valuables, the meanings of symbols, main presumptions. This is a more reliable method as compared with the interrogation and interviews because questions are formed by a stranger who may not know the terminology, the prevailing style of communication very well whereof the process takes more time and is not quite effective. For finding out the processes inside the organization particular means of diagnostic may be used: the study of the physical environment, the valuation of the opinions on the culture in the organization itself, the data of the relations of the organization with customers, interrogation of the employees or the organization, the watching of the activities of the employees, the analysis of the net of cultural relations: history, heroes, anecdotes, analysis of the reaction of the employees to the outside criticism (competitors, customers). The interrogation is a form of planned collection of the data, it is used to describe or forecast definite actions or analyze the interaction of two relevant variables. The interrogation in the organizations shows the interest of the administration to the personnel, and this may improve the morality of the employees. The interrogation may predetermine in advance potential problems and in definite cases to isolate them or eliminate their reasons. In the event of the interrogation being performed rightly the administration may find out the true opinion of the personnel on the work and to act accordingly. 564 respondents have been investigated, 418 of them work at the enterprises of dairy.The data of the questionnaire was handled by using the SPSS (Special Package for Social Science) program. Besides EXCEL program was used and correlation tics according to Spearmen's rho (where the correlation exists, if the rate is near - 1 or 1, but not equal to 0). The closed type questions were uses and the versions of answers were provided to the respondents in advance. The questionnaire was anonymous. [From the publication]

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