Lietuviški Šiaulėnų bažnyčios įrašai 1719-1738 metų santuokų metrikuose

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuviški Šiaulėnų bažnyčios įrašai 1719-1738 metų santuokų metrikuose
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Archivum Lithuanicum. 2001, t. 3, p. 213-250
Asmenvardis; Asmenvardžiai; Bažnyčios įrašai; Kanceliarinis stilius; Lietuviški įrašai; Metrikų knyga; Oikonimas; Rankraštis; Raštininkas; Vietovardžiai.
Curch inscriptions; Lithuanian records; Manuscript; Oikonym; Oikonyms; Person's name; Personal names; Register; Scribe; Stationery style.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe archive of Siaulenai Church (Radviliskis District) is stored in Manuscripts Department of Vilnius University Library. Lithuanian records have been observed in the oldest book of the church registry (1637-1744). It turned out that these were the records of marriages of the years of 1719-1738. Lithuanian records are being found in dozen of pages. The article analyses circumstances of records' origin, describes the content of records and attempts to reveal their writers. Lithuanian ritual texts could influence the origin of initial Lithuanian records of the first half of the 18th century as during ceremonies every priest made records into a register of births, marriages and deaths in reference to them. The mentioned register is valuable monument of Lithuanian language of the first half of the 18th century. The records show that area of usage of Lithuanian language expanded in the 18th century. The everyday demand for using written Lithuanian language has emerged. Lithuanian language started to be used for purposes of practice as apparently it could have contributed to dealing with various matters. There was developing attitude that documents could be managed in spoken language, not excepting Lithuanian language. The Lithuanian register of births, marriages and deaths of Siaulenai is one of the prime examples of office Lithuanian language style of that period. In comparison to Latin one, Lithuanian register is briefer and includes only essential data. Some of the elements were still missing in Lithuanian register, for example, the date written in Lithuanian style. In all probability Lithuanian register was written by six people. For the meantime this register is the only known parish register of the Catholic Church of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, where register have also been written in Lithuanian language. The facts of Lithuanian language, which are in the parish register, are the first monuments of Siaulenai District and reflect some of the dialectal feat.

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