Bendruomeninio verslumo formavimas ir kaimo vietovių konkurencingumo stiprinimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Bendruomeninio verslumo formavimas ir kaimo vietovių konkurencingumo stiprinimas
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Formation of community entrepreneurship and increasing competitiveness of rural areas
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Apskaita / Accounting; Ekonomikos plėtra / Economic development; Konkurencija / Competition; Politinė ideologija / Political ideology; Verslas / Business.
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LTŽenkli reikšmė Lietuvos kaimo plėtros procese, šiandien teikiama bendruomeninių organizacijų veiklai, kuri apjungiant socialinius, ekonominius, kultūrinius ir aplinkosauginius faktorius, stiprintų kaimo vietovių konkurencingumą. Straipsnyje, tiek užsienio, tiek Lietuvos mokslinių, bendruomeninių organizacijų verslumo, kaimiškųjų vietovių tipologijos bei konkurencingumo tyrimų pagrindu, analizuojamas bendruomeninis verslumas kaimo vietovių konkurencingumo stiprinimo kontekste, ryškinant bendruomeninio verslumo formavimo kryptis, vietovių konkurencingumo prielaidas bei pridėtinės vertės svarbą kaimo vietovių konkurencingumui. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Bendruomeninis verslumas; Bendruomeniškumas; Bendruomenė; Kaimo plėtra; Kaimo vietovės konkurencingumas; Pridėtinė vertė; Verslumas; Vietovės konkurencingumas; Added value; Community entrepreneurship; Competitiveness of rural area; Entrepreneurship; Rural development; Sociality; Sociality community.

ENRecently, much attention in solving the problems with rural development, is put on sociality, community development and community entrepreneurship. Cooperation and partnership, the ability to self-governing, self-practice remains a problematic issue and the problem of employment and occupation organization become more relevant in today’s Lithuanian countryside. […] Foreign and Lithuanian researchers revealed the historical and cultural preconditions of the development of sociality influencing the cohesion of European lifestyle and traditions. The importance of community movement, while formatting the statehood and self-government, is made relevant, the meaning of community-based organizations in rural development processes is defined, and so on. However, the community entrepreneurship is analyzed only from a viewpoint of entrepreneurial community-based organizations and community, as a rally of residents, separated from the formation matters of statehood order. Communal, as entrepreneurship connecting organizations, from a competitiveness of rural areas viewpoint, almost not studied. It was framed and that refreshes the problem: the formation of community entrepreneurship while strengthening the competitiveness of rural areas. The survey of community entrepreneurship showed that community entrepreneurship has its own nature, which not identified with the profit-oriented business organizations. In terms of strengthening the competitiveness of rural areas, there is need to talk not only about community, as organization’s entrepreneurship but also about communal organizations aggregating entrepreneurship, oriented on development prospects of rural residential area.In terms of researches carried out it is possible to state, that the formation of community entrepreneurship, determining the competitiveness of rural areas, consists of: • development of community based organization, as the basis of formation of community, based on orientation of improvement and reproductivity development ensurance when the results of activity guarantee the viability of the residential area; • development of organizations aggregating activity, as the basis of organization of self-governa nce, based on orientation of reform and progress, when the results of activity becomes the guarantor of continuity for the tasks in hand or the springs to other, future activities that ensure the uniqueness of the area; • formation of entrepreneurial skills, as the basis of professional training, based on orientation of creativity an d conservation, when the investment program is formed by development activities aggregating organizations, that guarantees a safe metagenesis an d the area development prospects. Thus, community based entrepreneurship, in terms of competitiveness of rural area s, is the impact to the quantitative and qualitative change process of the object, resulting in added value while implementing the idea s, allowing for investment, guaranteeing the livelihood, quality of lifestyle and the future of residential area. Analysis of community based entrepreneurship showed that not only entrepreneurship of community based organizations becomes relevant today but also community entrepreneurship, which is associated with a new form of socio-cultural activity, which gives an alternative to the responsible social behavior as an adaptation instrument that ensures the relationship between investment and territorial development. [From the publication]

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