Altruizmo raiškos bruožai lietuvių liaudies pedagogikoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Altruizmo raiškos bruožai lietuvių liaudies pedagogikoje
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Features of altruism expression in the Lithuanian folk pedagogics
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Tiltai. Priedas. 2007, Nr. 36, p. 214-223
Altruizmas; Lietuvių liaudies pedagogika; Religinis ugdymas; Socializacija; Tradicinė bendruomenė; Ugdymas; Vertybės.
Altruism; Lithuanian folk pedagogics; Religious education; Socialization; Traditional community; Upbringing; Values.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariami altruizmo raiškos bruožai lietuvių liaudies pedagogikoje. Etnopedagogikos kontekste aptariama altruizmo ugdymo problematika, aktualizuojami kai kurie su altruizmu susiję lietuvių tautosakos momentai. Nustatyta, kad tautos kultūros vertybės tiesiogiai siejamos su dvasingumu, altruizmas traktuojamas kaip savaime suprantama ir nuo ankstyvos vaikystės ugdytina lietuvių tautinė vertybė; altruizmas tradicinėje bendruomenėje – ypač reikšmingas jaunų žmonių socializacijai; religinis ugdymas etnopedagogikos kontekste yra kryptinga pagalba asmens altruizmui plėtoti. Nors ir atskleista altruizmo-egoizmo disproporcija lietuvių tautosakai atstovaujančiuose priežodžių ir patarlių rinkiniuose, altruizmas ir jo reikšmė socialiai vertingo žmogaus ugdymui, jo socializacijai liaudies pedagogikoje – labai ryškūs. [Iš leidinio]

EN[...] Object of the research is - the features of altruism expression in the Lithuanian folk pedagogics. The aim of the research is: the features of altruism expression should be reveal, discussed and summarize in the Lithuanian folk pedagogics. Assignments of the research are: the problem of the altruism upbringing in the context of the folk pedagogics should be talk over; some moments of Lithuanian folklore which are connecting with the features of altruism should be reveal. The type of research is descriptive, quantitative and qualitative. Research methodology: in intent to study features of altruism expression in the Lithuanian folk pedagogics, methods of comparative analysis, interpretation, systematization and synthesis were used. Neotomism is the methodological attitude of the research. Neotomistic pedagogics prioritize the spiritual human origin, highlights spiritual human mission, raise it above the routine by formulating transcendental upbringing aims and give the basis for the upbringing of altruistic features. The problem of the upbringing of a socially valuable human is researching considering. It is expedient to remember, that for ages the yang generation are maturating, getting up, developing physical, states of mind and mental potencies due the traditional upbringing. Children were disciplined to help from the early childhood. An activity and a function of members of a family were regulated correctly in the psychological and educational point. […] The folklore doesn't interfere: acquaintance with the altruism roused positive feelings and sheltered to improve a desire.It is possible to approve, that the traditional folklore promotes person to become good, altruist. The certain domination of selfish is discovered in the point of altruism, but form of life wisdom rendering raises the biggest inpression of egoism in the proverbs. The sense of selfish is put by bustard, resounding, sometimes rhymed, figurative and fling world. It is mean, that these proverbs are often used and well-liked. Only few proverbs which learn unselfish are corresponding a spring and a salt. The whole of the ethno pedagogics and Lithuanian folk same moments which are connected with the altruism were researched, the conclusion was done. It is possible to mark those features of altruism expression in the Lithuanian folk pedagogics: it was discovered that a valuable of the nation culture connect directly with a soul, the altruism is in itself understanding upbringing worth of the Lithuanian from the childhood; in traditional community the altruism is very important to the socialization of the young; the upbringing in the religion is directly help to develop the altruism of self in the context of the ethno pedagogics. On the one hand the disproportion of the altruism-selfish is discovered in a casebook of proverbial and proverbs which are represented the folklore of Lithuanians, but on the other hand the altruism and it import is very intense to the upbringing of the valuable person and it socialization in the folk pedagogics. The Lithuanian proverbs as part of the folk are discovered nominally negative view to the altruism, but teach a caution and orient to ground and rational altruism. [From the publication]

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