Smurtas prieš moteris

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Smurtas prieš moteris
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Violence against women
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Baudžiamoji atsakomybė; Moteris; Moterų teisės; Smurtas; Smurtas prieš moteris; Smurtas šeimoje.
Criminal responsibility; Violance; Violance in family; Violence; Violence against women; Women; Women's rights.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article deals with the social phenomenon of the violence against women. Violence, especially domestic violence, is recognized as a great problem. Results of it are painful. Victims are facing moral, psychical and financial damages. Despite of this society does not manage to resolve the problems related with violence. Legal provisions are analyzed according the Criminal Code. The norms of the Code are discussed in the light of the law in force these days and law Which will come into force in 2003. As usually women become victims of domestic violence much more often. As well as children who are most unprotected members of society and families. The domestic violence most often is presented as the problem women and children are suffering from. As usual men are Perpetrators in situations of violence. The article illustrates social phenomenon of violence in the light of legal language and research. It presents research done as the estimation of demographical data of victims of the violence, analyzes the place and time of violence, presents information about number of perpetrators, level of injury, etc. The article ends with the suggestions for legal amendments. [text from author]

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