IKT diegimo įtakos pedagoginės sistemos kaitai charakteristikos

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Straipsnis / Article
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IKT diegimo įtakos pedagoginės sistemos kaitai charakteristikos
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Characteristics of the ICT implementation influence on the changes of pedagogical system development
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Socialiniai mokslai. 2003, Nr. 2 (39), p. 38-47
Pedagogika / Pedagogy; Technologijos / Technologies.
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LTStraipsnyje yra analizuojama charakteristikų, kurios įgalintų įvertinti pedagoginės sistemos kaitą IKT diegimo įtakoje, problema. Išryškinami IKT diegimo etapai ir susiejami su konkrečia pedagogine sistema. Tuo remiantis pagrindžiamos mokinių ir mokytojų, kaip pagrindinių pedagoginės sistemos elementų, veiklos ir kompetencijų charakteristikos IKT naudojimo mokymui ir mokymuisi kontekste. Pateikiamos rekomendacijos, kaip panaudoti šias charakteristikas IKT diegimo lygio mokykloje ir joje vyraujančios pedagoginės sistemos tyrimui. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Informacijos komunikacijos technologijos; Kitimai; Pedagoginės sistemos; Pedagoginės sistemos kaita; Changes; Information and Communication Technology; Information communication technology; Informational communication technologies, pedagogical system, competencies; Pedagogical System Development; Pedagogical system.

ENThis article focuses on description and substantiation of the characteristics of the pedagogical system development, which is influenced by ICT implementation in education. Development of the pedagogical system under the influence of ICT is understood as transition from the traditional, teacher-centered didactical pedagogical system to the contemporary one and entry into the future, technology based pedagogical system, which is learner-centered and interactive. The ICT implementation process in this context can be divided into the four stages: emerging: computer accessibility and literacy; applying: ICT as an efficiency aid; infusing: ICT as an extension device; transforming: ICT as a transformative device. A systematic approach to ICT implementation at schools includes the interrelated material, organizational and educational aspects. Information sources and information transfer methods are directly related to the pedagogical system, which is dominating at a certain stage of its development. The authors of this article substantiate that the first stage of ICT implementation is related to the traditional pedagogical system. Traditional and contemporary pedagogical systems are related to the second stage of ICT implementation, although with decreasing role of traditional one. The third stage of ICT implementation is directly related to contemporary pedagogical system, at the same time the signs of the technology-based paradigm are emerging. The fourth stage of ICT implementation needs future, technology-based pedagogical system.The key findings of this research are the characteristics of pedagogical system development. ICT implementation, seen from the educational perspective, is regarded as a process influencing the change and development of the pedagogical system, with particular emphasis on student and teacher activities, attitudes and competencies, which are defined by the following characteristics: For students: perception of oneself as a student, interaction with teacher, interaction with other students, technological computer literacy, use of ICT, presentation of learning outcomes, information self-management skills. For teachers: perception of teacher's role, perception of the role of a teacher who is using ICT for educational purposes, subject knowledge in the ICT context, educational competence in use of ICT, attitude to learning, attitude to knowledge and knowledge assessment, technological computer literacy. The authors of this article recommend using those characteristics for educational research, based on the matrix, consisting of characteristics and its criteria, of both ICT implementation level and existing pedagogical system at particular school. [text from author]

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