Muzikos pedagogikos tyrimų Lietuvoje metodologinės tendencijos

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Muzikos pedagogikos tyrimų Lietuvoje metodologinės tendencijos
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Methodological tendencies of music pedagogy research in Lithuania
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Meninis ugdymas: tyrimų tradicijos ir perspektyva / sudarytoja Rūta Girdzijauskienė. Klaipėda: Klaipėdos universiteto leidykla, 2011. P. 169-178
Metodologija; Moksliniai žurnalai; Muzikos pedagogikos tyrimai.
Methodology; Music pedagogy research works; Research in music education; Scholarly reviewed journals; Scientific journals.
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LTStraipsnyje pateikta 1995–2008 m. muzikos pedagogikos tyrimų, publikuotų Lietuvos moksliniuose recenzuojamuose žurnaluose, turinio metodologinė analizė. Remiantis moksline literatūra bei švietimo veiklą reglamentuojančiais dokumentais, atlikta muzikos pedagogikos tyrimų operacionalizacija, išskirti muzikos pedagogikos tyrimų analizės kriterijai ir jų pagrindu parengtas tyrimo instrumentas. Tyrimas organizuotas remiantis standartizuotos ir nestandartizuotos turinio (content) analizės derinimu. Analizuotos 186 mokslinių žurnalų „Actą paedagogica Vilnensia“, „Pedagogika“, „Tiltai“ ir „Kūrybos erdvės“ muzikos pedagogikos srities publikacijos. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article presents the methodological analysis of the content of music pedagogy research works published in scholarly reviewed journals throughout the period 1995–2008. On the ground of scientific literature and documents regulating educational activities, operationalisation of music pedagogy research has been carried out, criteria for analysis of music pedagogy research have been singled out and the research instrument has been worked out on their basis. The research was organised with regard to the match of standardised and non-standardised content analysis. 186 publications on the field of music pedagogy research in scholarly journals "Acta paedagogica Vilnensia", "Pedagogika", "Tiltai" and "Kūrybos erdvės" have been analysed. […] The aim of the research was to carry out the methodological analysis of music pedagogy research articles published in scholarly reviewed journals throughout the period 1995–2008. Research methods were the following: analysis of scientific literature, standardised and non-standardised content analysis. Empirical data was processed by matching SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) and MS Excel computer programs. Worked out criteria for analysis of music pedagogy research allowed us reveal the content of scientific ideas and methodological form. Methodological criteria of the analysis allowed us investigate peculiarities of structural elements, diversity of research methods in publications on music pedagogy research; also, they helped us to disclose the tendencies of selection of target groups of the surveyed and factual sources.Research in the field of music pedagogy is usually based on quantitative data analysis. The tradition of qualitative research in the field of music pedagogy is not sufficiently established; however, more often the match of both qualitative and quantitative methods in research on music pedagogy field occurs. Research on music pedagogy is directed towards momentary analysis of a situation. Long-term analysis of observation of changes in the educational system is the ground just for few scientific publications in the field only. When dealing with scientific problems in the field of music pedagogy, first of all, extensive analysis of literary sources is carried out. From the point of view of popularity, we can single out application of various survey procedures, experiment and comparative analysis, too. Employment of other methods, such as testing, content analysis of documents, expert assessment, meta-analysis, theoretical modelling, is quite rare. In research on music pedagogy, surveys of students (future specialists of music pedagogy field) and music pedagogues are usually organised. They are expected to provide a consecutive evaluation of the educational reform and new tendencies in development of the system of music education. Research works on music pedagogy field are constructed on the base of theoretical analysis which is worked out with regard to theoretical studies and research descriptions of both Lithuanian and foreign authors. However, experience accumulated by our scientists is emphasised more often. The very fact of reference to literary sources as well as abundance of the sources depends on the idea and methodology of a particular research. [From the publication]

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