Kai kurie aukštesniųjų klasių mokinių dorovinės kultūros ypatumai ir muzikinė veikla

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Kai kurie aukštesniųjų klasių mokinių dorovinės kultūros ypatumai ir muzikinė veikla
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Some peculiarities of moral culture of senior pupils and musical activity
Apsisprendimai; Doroviniai vertinimai; Dorovinis elgesys; Dorovinė kultūra; Dorovinės vertybės; Muzikinė veikla
Decisions; Moral behavior; Moral culture; Moral evaluations; Moral values; Musical activity
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojami dorovinės kultūros raiškos ypatumai. Remiantis aukštesniųjų klasių mokinių dorovinės kultūros raiškos tyrimu, atskleidžiami jos prasminio-vertinamojo, emocinio, sprendimų priėmimo ir praktinio-kūrybinio komponentų raiškos lygmenys. Aptariamas dorovinės kultūros prasminio-vertinamojo komponento ir muzikinės veiklos ryšys. [Iš leidinio]

ENProblems of education are very closely bonded with problems of culture. Cognition is connected with other people individual meet - compete or cooperate - in social surrounding, so it has moral dimension. At the same time it is connected with culture, as social life is a kind of cultural life. If individuals moral representation is found not isolated, but in the context of particular culture, the moral culture of personality can be discussed. This article discusses concept of moral culture of senior pupils and presents character of it's manifestation. Also the connections between the cognitive – evaluative component of moral culture and musical activity are revealed. Statistical analysis of data was processed by SPSS program (13 version). Moral culture is understood as unity of moral consciousness with the kind of behavior, based on internalization of moral codes, enabling successful activity of individual in it's cultural surrounding. Character and expression of moral culture, as well as it's relations to gender and quality of studies of senior pupils and was investigated. 390 senior pupils from different types of schools took part in research. Research data has showed, that pupils recognize importance of moral to moral values. Ability of decision making is closely related to stability of moral behavior. High level of independence in decision making was revealed. Stability of behavior, related to some moral values was found. However, not all moral values are implemented in moral behavior.That means that maturity of moral culture of higher grades students is not high. Assumption, that increasing of level of evaluation ability can influence decision making and moral behavior of senior pupils was made. Comparative analysis of research data revealed big amount of correlations between components of music activity and moral culture. Personally meaningful features of musical activity (possibility to develop ones musical abilities, to experience aesthetical emotions or to express ones feelings) showed up as influencive on some features of moral culture, as well as socially meaningful features (to share ones experience wit others, to perform social roles or better understand other people). Possibility to render aesthetic excitement to other people appeared to be very highly related to moral culture. Investigating meaningfulness and purposiveness of musical activity was found, that both of them are related to valuables of respect, love for people, sensitiveness, honesty, tolerance and creativity. That's why impact of musical activity on moral culture could be based on development of mentioned values. Exploring data of research some unexpected results were find. Listening for music, highly often practiced by 97 % of children, seem to have no correlations with other components of music activity and moral culture. Pedagogical activity, designed on mentioned peculiarities of musical activity and their relations to components of moral culture can have high influence on development of moral culture of senior pupils. [From the publication]

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