Moterų smurtą patyrusių vyrų patirties analizė

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Straipsnis / Article
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Moterų smurtą patyrusių vyrų patirties analizė
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Analysis of men's experience of women violence
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Socialinis darbas: patirtis ir metodai . 2008, [Nr.] 2, p. 31-48
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Moterų smurtas; Patirties analizė; Smurtas; Smurtas priš vyrus; Vyrai
Experience analysis; Men; Men's experience of women violence; Violence; Women violence
Summary / Abstract:

LTSmurtas prieš vyrus - tabu tema, paslėpta po stereotipiniais vaidmenimis, primestais kiekvienai lyčiai, po vyrų gėdos jausmu prisipažinti apie patirtą moters smurtą šiandieninėje XXI amžiaus visuomenėje. Šio straipsnio tikslas - atskleisti moterų smurto prieš vyrus fenomeną, pristatyti teorinių šaltinių ir empirinių duomenų analizę. Vyrai taip pat gali patirti fizinį, psichologinį ir seksualinį moterų smurtą, o gynyba nėra pagrindinis moterų smurto prieš vyrus motyvas. Pykčio nevaldymas, vaikystės patirtis, nepasitenkinimas tarpusavio santykiais, galia ir kontrole gali nulemti moterų smurtą prieš vyrus. Patirtą moterų smurtą vyrai bandė sustabdyti kalbėdami bei prašydami nutraukti smurtinius konfliktų sprendimo būdus, taip minimalizuodami ir nesuteikdami jam prasmės [Iš leidinio]

ENThis article focuses on a hidden and rarely discussed present-day phenomenon - women violence against men, which is analyzed on the aspects of men experience. Women violence against men is hidden under the stereotypical roles attributed to each sex and under the feeling of embarrassment felt by men as well as fear of being neglected by the members of society if talking out loud about the relevant issue. The experience of men having suffered women violence is exposed via a qualitative research by combining content analysis and open coding of grounded theory. With the help of content analysis men experience was revealed through categories'while grounded theory allowed name them by the words uttered by men. Five men having experienced women violence were questioned by a semi-structured interview. As a result of the analysis, it turned out that men describe women violence as a sensitive and unwillingly publicized detail of their lives. Men tend to minimize women violence by not attaching significance thereto despite of the fact that it has caused them negative feelings. Those men, who have experienced physical, psychological and sexual violence on behalf of women, perceive it as the consequence of women's desire to dominate in inter-relations, resulting in the expression of disability and negative emotions as well as striving to protect oneselves against the unpleasing man's behavior.Due to the hegemonic norms of manhood, existing within the society, but failed to accomplish by men, divorce and decreased men's self-esteem are the main consequences of women violence, that have influence on further life of men. Nonviolent possibilities for solving conflicts and couple issues are associated with greater tolerance towards each other and the development of help services for men, bearing in mind that violence generally is the problem of a human being not only a problem of a certain sex. [From the publication]

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