Šiuolaikinė mąstysena ir senosios literatūros tyrinėjimai : Petro Roizijaus kūrybos vertinimai lietuvių literatūros istorijoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Šiuolaikinė mąstysena ir senosios literatūros tyrinėjimai: Petro Roizijaus kūrybos vertinimai lietuvių literatūros istorijoje
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Contemporary thought and investigation of ancient literature: estimation of Peter Roisius works in the history of Lithuanian literature
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Petras Roizijus (Pedro Ruiz de Moros); Literatūros istorija; Senoji literatūra; Recepcija; Skaitytojas.
Petrus Royzius (Pedro Ruiz de Moros); History of literature; Ancient literature; Reception; Reader.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje aptariama senojo teksto svarba šiuolaikinei mąstysenai. Bandoma filosofiškai pažvelgti į skaitytojo vaidmenį, senajam tekstui įsitvirtinant literatūros istorijoje. Tekstas, tam tikru laikotarpiu užmirštamas ar ,.įšaldomas" literatūros istorikų jokiu būdu nėra miręs, nes bet kuriuo metu gali būti pervertintas iš naujo. Šie svarstymai pateikiami, remiantis recepcijos teorija ir Hanso Roberto Jausso mintimis. Senosios literatūros autoriaus pavyzdžiu pasirenkamas ispanų kilmės XVI a. poetas Petras Roizijus (..dras Rui: de Mora, 1506-1571). Aptariami kūrybos vertinimai lietuvių literatūros istorijoje XX - XXI a. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe paper is an attempt at achieving a concentration on the ancient literature and its reception in contemporary literary criticism. The reception theory and the thoughts of H. R. Jauss have been discussed, leading to the discussion of the main problem of understanding and perceiving ancient literature. The role of the reader, as a very important form of the phenomena which we call an ancient text, is discussed. Really the text is living and changing due to reading, and it does not mean that we appreciate an ancient author only for his/her influence to some later writings. The text is alive while it is read. A very important moment is the historical aspect of the text. We should take it properly. If the ancient text is concerned only as a monument of art, it means that it is not properly understood. The personality of Petrus Royzius (Pedro Ruiz de Moros, 1506-1571), a poet and lawyer, builds the bridge between two Renaissance cultures - the Southern culture of Italy and Spain of the time and the one which begins in the Northern countries, including Lithuania. The problem of an alien culture brought by the stranger and its reception is concerned in the paper. However, Royzius has remained forgotten after his death up to now. His further reception, together with new attempts at evaluating his poetry appear only at the beginning of the 21st century. It is worth taking Royzius as an example of some foreign ancient writer. After a short review that helps to define the place of author in the Lithuanian literary history, the conclusion has been made that the ancient text still influences the literary horizons of the contemporary society. [From the publication]

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