Apr. riste, lit. rykštė, lett. rikste und Verwandtschaft

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Straipsnis / Article
Vokiečių kalba / German
Apr. riste, lit. rykštė, lett. rikste und Verwandtschaft
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Acta linguistica Lithuanica. 2007, t. 57, p. 1-15
Latvių kalba / Latvian language; Prūsų kalba / Prussian language.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamos lietuviško žodžio rýkštė sąsajos su kitų kalbų tos pačios reikšmės žodžiais.Reikšminiai žodžiai: Latvių kalba; Prūsų kalba; Giminingumas; Nulinis kaitos laipsnis; Reikšmė; Lithuanian; Latvian; Prussian; Cognation; Zero grade; Meaning.

ENOPr. riste 'rod, switch', Lith. rýkštė, Latv. rĩkste have hitherto been connected with Lith. rìšti 'bind, tie, bundle'. Smoczyński has recently connected it with either Lith. rěžti 'cut, scratch' or rėkšti 'gather'. Formerly terms like Lith. vytìis, Old Latv. wihte rather than rýkštė etc. were used for binding rods, which suggests a connection with Lith. rėžti 'cut, scratch'. A reflex of the inherited zero grade might be Lith. viržis 'heather', formally divergent from Latv. vìrsis, Russ. вереск 'id.'. The renewed zero grade underlying Lith. rykštė appears also in ryžti 'disappear; appear, bud etc.', rýkšti 'fray out, decay'. The change ž >š could have been induced by following consonants, e. g. -sta- in the present *ryž-sta or by fc-insertion. Lith. ruošti, rúošti 'prepare, make household work' could also belong here if it continues ruožti 'cleanse, sweep'. The new zero grade underlies new ablaut series, cf. Lith. rãžas 'stubble, old broom', raižýti 'cut, scratch' etc. Lith. ryškùs, raiškùs 'clear, distinct', ryškėti 'become distinct', raiškà 'meaning, expression', réikšti 'mean' could also be based on rýkšti 'appear, become visible', similarly Lith. rãštas, Latv. raksts 'writing, pattern' from 'scratched sign'. [From the publication]

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