Šv. Hiacinto ikonografijos istorijos bruožai ir atvaizdai Lietuvos bažnytiniame mene

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Šv. Hiacinto ikonografijos istorijos bruožai ir atvaizdai Lietuvos bažnytiniame mene
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Features of the history of iconography of St. Hyacinth and his images in Lithuanian church art
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Religinis menas / Religious art; Šventieji / Saints; Ikonografija / Iconography.
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ENFor medieval Christians, St. Hyacinth embodied the very recognisable image of a zealous missionary, and preacher of the Gospel. This article presents the history of St. Hyacinth’s image from the iconography of the canonisation celebrations and Ludovico Caracci’s painting "St. Hyacinth’s vision” in 1594, until the spread of images in Lithuania. According to the works presented in the exhibition, “St. Dominic and St. Hyacinth in Lithuania: eight centuries of memories”, the types of iconography depicting St. Hyacinth are distinguishable. However, the preserved art heritage in Lithuania is not abundant or diverse. In Lithuanian churches, St. Hyacinth is usually shown with a monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament and an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary in his hands. These attributes became standard at the beginning of the 17th century and are reminiscent of St. Hyacinth’s miraculous escape from Kyiv while under attack from the Tatars. The article ends with a discussion of the brightest St. Hyacinth monument - the Chapel of St. Jacek (Hyacinth) in Vilnius. The chapel at the intersection of J. Basanavičiaus and Jovaro streets houses a sculpture that was cast in bronze in 1901 by Boleslaw Stanislaw Baizukiewicz (1879-1935). This statue was most probably based on an earlier woodcarving by the same sculptor, placed on the altar of St. Hyacinth's Chapel in the Church of Saints Philip and Jacob. When the church was closed by the Soviets in 1948, the statue was moved to the exterior niche of the Church of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Žvėrynas district of Vilnius. On 26th March 2022, a procession from the Chapel of St. Jacek (Hyacinth) took place ending at Sts. Philip and Jacob’s Church, praying to the Apostle of Ukraine to save the lands of St. Hyacinth’s missions. [From the publication p. 318]

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