Expression of artistic individuality within the context of music teacher training

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Expression of artistic individuality within the context of music teacher training
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Music science today: the permanent and the changeable [Mūzikas zinatne šodien: pastavigais un mainigais : zinātnisko rakstu krājums]. 2019, 3 (11), p. 139-144
Ugdymas / Education; Pedagogai / Pedagogues; Aukštasis mokslas. Studijos / Higher education. Study; Muzika / Music.
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ENArtistic individuality seems to be a key element conveyed in music performance. However, the individuality of a music teacher, as one of the forms of expression of his/her personality, has become the centre of modern music teacher education. The paper focuses on the expression of artistic individuality of pre-service teachers of music. With this aim, quantitative research (a questionnaire survey) has been conducted. The future music teachers' expression of artistic individuality was analysed as twofold: the attitude to the expression of artistic individuality of music teachers, as well as self-assessment of the expression of oneís artistic individuality in musical activity. The results reveal that the artistic individuality of student music teachers is not mature enough. The revealed educational preconditions make the basis for the development of artistic individuality of future music teachers and can encourage university educators to perceive the process of music teaching and learning not only as an activity of developing musical skills, but also envisage more extensive possibilities of the development of student teachers' high artistic values. Keywords: artistic individuality, expression, music teacher training, student music teacher. [From the publication]

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