The Quest for Palaeolithic art in the Neris river valley, Central-Eastern Lithuania

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The Quest for Palaeolithic art in the Neris river valley, Central-Eastern Lithuania
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Archeologia Polski. 2021, 66, p. 53-69
11 tūkst. m. pr. Kr. - 12 amžius. Lietuvos priešistorė.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Ankstyvojo Akmens amžiaus pabaiga; Nešiojami meno kūriniai; Graviruotas akmenukas, geležtė su įpjovomis, žvirgždo figūrėlė; Vidurinio Akmens amžiaus menas. Keywords: Final Palaeolithic, mobile art, engraved pebble, blade with notches, flint figurine, Mesolithic art.Reikšminiai žodžiai: Archeologiniai radiniai; Vėlyvasis paleolitas; Artefaktai; Graviūros; Titnago radiniai; Įrankiai; Mezolitas; Archaeological finds; Artifacts; Final Palaeolithic; Engraving; Blade; Flint finds; Tools; Mesolithic.

ENOnly a few artifacts discovered in Lithuania can be considered as examples of portable art from the Final Palaeolithic period. Three of them were found in the Neris river valley in central-eastern Lithuania: an engraved slate pebble from the Eiguliai 1А site, a notched blade from the Skaruliai 1 site, and a flint “figurine” from the Vilnius 1 site. Discovered by Rimutė Rimantienė and her father Konstantinas Jablonskis, these three finds were the first and for many years the only artifacts underpinning the discussion of art from the Lithuanian Final Palaeolithic. The debate on the tentative function of these items, initiated by Rimantienė, is reviewed in this study before presenting the results of the latest research on the subject between 2012 and 2017, carried out using a range of methods: visual examination, comparative analysis with other archaeological finds and reconstructed prehistoric tools, surface analysis under a microscope. The functional interpretation proposed as a result of these investigations in two cases disproves the identification of these artifacts as portable art. [From the publication]

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