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Straipsnis / Article
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Paauglių laisvalaikio ypatumai
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Peculiarities of leisure time of teenagers
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Pedagogika. 2002, 62, p. 27-32
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LTStraipsnyje atskleidžiami paauglių laisvalaikio ypatumai. Pagrindiniais kriterijais vertinant laisvalaikį pasirinktas papildomasis ugdymas, popamokinė veikla, šeimos laisvalaikis. Tyrimo duomenys parodė, kad beveik pusė apklaustųjų paauglių visiškai nedalyvauja mokyklos popamokinėje ir papildomojo ugdymo institucijų veikloje. Be to, paauglių laisvalaikiui tėvai skiria nepakankamai dėmesio. [Iš leidinio]

ENLeisure time of teenagers is an urgent social issue, that has not been solved yet. The article reveals the peculiarities of leisure time of teenagers. 180 respondents, 11-16 year old students from several Vilnius schools (Stanevičiaus, Fabijoniškių, Kulviečio) participated in the research. The questionnaire consisted of the following main structural parts - supplementary education, after-class activity, family leisure time. The results of the research showed, that almost half of the respondents - teenagers do not participate in the after-class activity or in the activity of supplementary education institutions. The most important kinds of leisure activity of teenagers are the following: communication with the friends and TV becomes more urgent with the age. Whereas leisure time of teenagers at school as well as in the activity of supplementary education institutions with the age becomes less urgent. The main motivation for the students to participate in the events is interest, but this motivation is more important for girls - teen-agers. The most popular forms of events among the teen-agers are discos, extramural travels as well as festivals. It appeared that teen-agers mostly attend sports centers and students' houses as supplementary education institutions. Parents pay too little attention to the leisure time of teen-agers. We could state that there is no common leisure time organized in the families of the teen-agers who participated in the research.

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