Lithuanian consulate in Riga in 1925-1940

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Lithuanian consulate in Riga in 1925-1940
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Vēsture: avoti un cilvēki. 2010, 13, p. 80-92
E. Galvanauskas; Konsulinė veikla; Kultūra; Latvija (Latvia); Lietuvos konsulatas; Ryga; Tarpukaris; Švietimas.
Consular activities; Culture; E. Galvanauskas; Education; Interwar period; Latvia; Lithuanian consulate; Riga.
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ENTwo reasons determined the choice of the present research object, namely 1) circumstances of establishment and functioning of the Lithuanian Consulate in Riga in 1925ñ1940 and 2) its consular activities in cultural and educational spheres. The first reason was that in summer of 2008 the author of the presentation organized an exhibition dedicated to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collected a lot of iconographic material as well as reviewed the functioning of Lithuaniaís diplomatic and consular network abroad. The second inspiration came from the fact that the author, at request of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, researched and collected addresses of Lithuaniaís Embassies and Consulates abroad in the period of 1918ñ1990. Therefore, the present research allows to define more precisely the addresses of diplomatic and consular residences and their changes as well as to specify the dates of their establishment and closure, the appointments and recalls of their representatives. The above mentioned creative tasks gave impetus to estimate freshly the work of the Lithuanian Consulate in Riga and specify the date of its establishment. [Extract, p. 80]

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