Transnacionalizmas ir išjudintas identitetas: etninės „šaknys“ ir kosmopolitizmas migracijoje

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Transnacionalizmas ir išjudintas identitetas: etninės „šaknys“ ir kosmopolitizmas migracijoje
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Transnationalism and deterritorialized identity: ethnic background and 'roots' in migratory perspective
Transnacionalizmas; Nacionalinis identitetas; Migracija; Valstybė; Nacija; Etniškumas.
Transnationalism; National Identity; Migration; State; Nation; Etnicity.
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ENThe second chapter unpacks the category of deterritorialization and applies it for the investigation of its enactment among the migrants. It suggests that the paradigm of transnationalism prevailing in current anthropological studies of international migration encourages identity politics as an analytical category, instrumental in doing research on migration. It is also argued that ethnic dimension is not only important to nation state but also to multicultural state ethnic policies and even is crucial in immigrant politics of identity. Migration is associated with processes of ethnification where ‘territorial in-rootedness’ is maintained transnationally and re-territorialization of descent, heritage and homeland is enacted in transnational ethnification. Fieldwork research among East European – in particular Lithuanian – immigrants in the USA is used to exemplify the configurations of current post-ethnic (Hollinger 1995) American ethnification, often assumed as multiethnic bricolage it rather could be understood as rooted cosmopolitanism. The latter is seen as one of the most popular ways of contemporary migrant identity constructions made of both hybridization and fragmentation of immigrant backgrounds. [From the publication]

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