Traces of Antique ideas about amber’s therapeutic qualities in the culture of Western Balts

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Traces of Antique ideas about amber’s therapeutic qualities in the culture of Western Balts
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Следы античной идеи о лечебных свойствах янтаря в культуре западных балтов
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Amber in the history of medicine: proceedings of the international conference. Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, 2016. P. 48-56
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Amuletas; Baltai; Geležies amžius; Gintaras; Kapinynai; Medicina; Mitologija; Vakarų baltai; Amber; Amulet; Burial grounds; Iron Age; Medicine; Mythology; The Balts; West Balts.
Amuletas; Baltai / Balts; Gintaras; Kapinynai. Pilkapiai / Barrow. Burials; Medicina; Mitologija / Mythology; Vakarų baltai.
Amber; Amulet; Balts; Medicine; West Balts.
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ENThe popular idea in ancient world of amber as a healing and protecting amulet is revealed. This meaning was indirectly transmitted to the Western Baltic territories. Comparing the chronological prevalence of amber artifacts in different territories of Barbarianicum there is an obvious spread of new shapes of the articles and new ideas from the ancient world to the Baltic territories. The antique written sources and archaeological material reveal the similarities in use of amber in the cultures that are far away from each other. In both cultures being of a different development level amber was equally appreciated. Its origin was related with the mythology of these cultures and it was understood as capable of healing and protecting against enemies, sinister eye, diseases etc. [From the publication]

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