Hillforts in the eyes of residents: preliminary findings

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Straipsnis / Article
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Hillforts in the eyes of residents: preliminary findings
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Vēsture: avoti un cilvēki [History: sources and people]. 2019, 22, p. 130-137
Piliakalniai / Hilforts.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Apklausa; Apklausos išvados; Gyventojų suvokimas; Paveldas; Piliakalniai; Piliakalnis; Respondentų; Vietos bendruomenė; Heritage; Hill-forts; Hillfort; Lithuania; Local community; Residents perception; Respondents; Survey; Survey findings.

ENThe article presents a preliminary summary of the findings from the residentsí survey conducted by the students from Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences as part of their fieldwork practice in regional studies. The survey was targeted at elderly residents from villages and small settlements who live or lived in the vicinity of a hillfort throughout their lifetime or for a longer part of their life. Based on the data of 74 questionnaires, the article discusses the knowledge that residents have about hillforts (Lith. piliakalniai) in general and their relationship with the hillfort from their immediate environment. [...] The questionnaire was developed by referring to the available recommendations for survey methodology (Kardelis 2002, 179ñ189). Considering the age group of the respondents, all questions were open-ended, whereas interviewing took the form of a conversation. In terms of gender, most respondents were women (58), whereas men comprised about one-fifth of the respondents (16). As regards age, residents born between 1931 and 1940 made up the majority of the respondents (31.4%), with 6 men and 25 women among them. [Extract, p. 130-131]

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