Inclusive education as a value: philosophical and socio-educational approaches

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Straipsnis / Article
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Inclusive education as a value: philosophical and socio-educational approaches
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Dorovinis ugdymas / Moral education; Negalia. Neįgalieji / Disabilities. Disabled persons; Specialieji poreikiai / Special needs; Specialusis ugdymas / Special education.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Inkliuzija; Negalė; Neįgalieji; Neįgalumas; Specialieji poreikiai; Specialūs poreikiai; Vertybė; Vertybės; Vertė; Įtraukimas; Įtrauktis; Įtraukusis ugdymas; Disabled; Inclusion; Inclusive education; Special needs; Value.

ENThe article introduces the curriculum of inclusive education as a value in the area of special edu-cation of the Lithuanian education system. By reviewing and analysing the aspects of change in special education, it is revealed that in the country, by acting in a consistent and purposeful way (recognizing European values), a proper legal regulation basis is already in place, theoretically guaranteeing equal opportunities for every person to pursue education and scholarship with dignity. However, data from long-term (representative) quantitative studies indicate that the established legal framework exists only theoretically. In reality, people with special educational needs who are seeking the desired education and scholarship face difficulties: in order to actually realise an inclusive education model, it is neces-sary to improve the institutional mechanism for its implementation. It is obvious that values declared in the normative documents regulating the country’s education system have not yet reached the level of basic values in the education reality. [From the publication]

1998-863X; 2311-2395
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