Innovative methods and approaches towards the development of the students’ entrepreneurial competencies

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Innovative methods and approaches towards the development of the students’ entrepreneurial competencies
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Research for rural development. 2018, vol. 2, p. 259-266. Annual 24th international scientific conference proceedings
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Novatoriški mokymo/si metodai; Verslumo kompetencijos; Methods of innovative education; Entrepreneurial competences.
Novatoriški mokymo/si metodai; Verslumo kompetencijos.
Entrepreneurial competences; Methods of innovative education.
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ENIn educational strategy papers, it is determined that entrepreneurial development should be implemented already in schools. Various methods and approaches can be used for the development. The majority of entrepreneurial competences are developed at the university – subjects devoted to the development of entrepreneurship are included in the study programs. Environment of the university is very friendly to this – not only because of activities devoted to entrepreneurship occurring in the academic environment, plenty seminars and trainings, but also because of the students’ personal maturity and motivation. Scholars actively raise the following questions: how to develop entrepreneurial competences effectively? Which methods are the most applicable? What kind of innovative methods are the most necessary? 104 students, who tried simulation traineeship of entrepreneurial development, were questioned in order to analyze the impact of methods and the change in entrepreneurial competences. The research was carried out in the Faculty of Economics and Management of Aleksandras Stulginskis University. The participants of the research were involved in the business simulation, where they had an opportunity to estimate themselves and improve their backgrounds, abilities and skills. Methods promoting and developing creativity were applied in simulation business enterprises; however, not all methods had worked. The methods of graphic representation were used by the minority and they were not considered to be very effective. The aim of the research was to determine entrepreneurial competences and innovative educational methods theoretically and to test empirically the development of entrepreneurial competences via simulation method. [From the publication]

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