Lithuanian identity: traces and trends of change

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Lithuanian identity: traces and trends of change
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Identity and globalization : ethical implications / edited by: Dalia Marija Stanciene, Irena Darginaviciene, Susan Robbins. 2018. P. 87-100. (Lithuanian philosophical studies ; 8) (Cultural heritage and contemporary change. Series IVA, Eastern and Central European philosophical studies ; vol. 57)
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Baumannas, Zygmuntas; Identitetas; Istorinis naratyvas; Kultūra; Liberalizacija; Marshallas, Davidas; Tauta; Tautinė tapatybė; Vartojimas; Baumann, Zygmunt; Consumption; Culture; Historical narrative; Identity; Liberalization; Lithuania; Marshall, David; Nation; National identity.
Baumannas, Zygmuntas; Istorinis naratyvas; Kultūra / Culture; Liberalizacija; Marshallas, Davidas; Tapatybė. Tapatumas. Identitetas / Identity; Tauta; Tautinė tapatybė / Ethnic identity; Vartojimas.
Baumann, Zygmunt; Consumption; Historical narrative; Liberalization; Marshall, David; Nation; National identity.
Summary / Abstract:

ENAny attempt to think of ‘identity‘ puts us into trouble, for it is always an especially complicated concept and never appears as a uniformed reality or as a thinking product of a unified design. Nonetheless, all types of human identity usually are clear until the circumstances and events do not impose looking carefully at oneself, trying to identify the core of “Self.” In this paper, we are going to be mindful of the problems related to modern Lithuanian identity formation, it’s relevance to the modern world as well as making more transparent the events and circumstances currently and significantly challenging this modern and relatively fresh identity. In the process, we hope to shed some light on their power of determination. [Extract, p. 87]

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