Critical evaluation of successful factors in creation of service

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Critical evaluation of successful factors in creation of service
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2018, Nr. 1 (32), p. 21-29
LDB Open.
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ENAiming to stand out in a competitive environment, business enterprises of services are increasingly focusing on the analysis of success factors, which not only allow to determine the past factors of success but also by effectively utilizing the company's available resources and competencies, to improve the services provided or to create new services and to shape the user-friendly behavior of the organization. Companies that continuously identify success factors create a positive environment for themselves for the creation of a new service that is not only competitive but also involves specific solutions for engagement of employees in all departments of the organization. Based on scientific literature, the article presents the concepts of the development of the services and the service, the analysis of different approaches to the exclusive service characteristics and the factors determining the success of the development of the service are identified. Comparative analysis and synthesis methods were used in the study. [From the publication]

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