Peculiarities of social competence development in students of grades 5-6 during technology lessons

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Peculiarities of social competence development in students of grades 5-6 during technology lessons
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Rural environment. Education. Personality [REEP]. 2016, 9, p. 134-141. Proceedings of the 9th international scientific conference
Socialiniai įgūdžiai; Socialinės kompetencijos; Ugdymo metodai; Mokyklinis ugdymas
Social skills; Social competences; Methods of education; School education
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ENSocial competences acquired during successful socialization process provide conditions for the individual to function efficiently in the social environment. The problems of personality development and its expression in the history of technology education reveal the context of personality inter-culturalization and socialization: conditions of the person’s presence in the environment and possibilities of the environment change are described taking into account the community values and the takeover process of customs in consequential change of science and technology. The goal of the research is to reveal peculiarities of social competences development in students of grades 5-6 during technology lessons. Research methods: analysis of scientific literature and documents, empirical research, statistical analysis of the research data. The research was carried out in 2013, 325 students of Vilnius general education schools and 14 technology teachers were surveyed. The teachers who participated in the survey were convinced that technology lessons are perfect for social competences development in students. Social competences of most students of 5-6 grades are of a sufficiently high level. The analysis of the research data demonstrated that technology lessons mostly contribute to development of the students’ self-confidence, communication skills and skills of participation in various activities. Methods of evaluation and self-assessment, projects, situational games and brainstorming develop basic social skills and social competences. These methods as well as learning in groups and discussion techniques develop skills of participation in group activities and activity organization skills. [From the publication]

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