Penkiasdešimt dokumentų restauravimo metų: Vilniaus universiteto bibliotekos Restauravimo skyriaus archyvo medžiaga

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Straipsnis / Article
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Penkiasdešimt dokumentų restauravimo metų: Vilniaus universiteto bibliotekos Restauravimo skyriaus archyvo medžiaga
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Fifty years of document conservation: archival material of the restoration department of the Vilnius University library
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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis [AAAV.]. 2019, t. 92-93, p. 460-485. Restauravimo laboratorija
Dokumentų restauravimas; Restauravimo istorija; Restauravimo metodika; Vilniaus universiteto biblioteka; Sovietmetis; Paveldosauga
Document conservation; History of restoration; Methods of conservation; Vilnius University Library; Soviet period; Heritage preservation
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LTŠvenčiant Vilniaus universiteto bibliotekos Restauravimo skyriaus penkiasdešimties metų sukaktį, šia proga siūloma kritiškai pažvelgti į Restauravimo skyriaus archyvą. Straipsnyje pristatomi šio archyvo, aprėpiančio 1968–2017 m., tvarkymo darbai. Be to, siūloma susipažinti su jame sukauptų Restauravimo skyriuje atliktų restauravimo darbų dokumentacijomis, jų struktūros raida, turiniu ir taikytų restauravimo metodikų tendencijomis. Atsižvelgus į istorinį kontekstą, pateikiami pirmieji šių tendencijų vertinimo bandymai ir galimos hipotezės. [Iš leidinio]

ENIn 1968, the first conservation workshop for library materials in Lithuania was established at the Vilnius University Library. This conservation department together with the Graphic Arts Section of the Restoration Centre of the Lithuanian Art Museum that had been founded earlier became the cornerstone of the Lithuanian school of document conservation. The history of the Restoration Department of the Vilnius University Library encourages us not only to celebrate the long-time experience of conservation, but also to apply a critical view. In Lithuania, especially in the environment of social sciences and the humanities, there has been a notable absence of scientific discourse on document conservation and preservation, thus the study of such experience seems relevant and so far unprecedented. The article aims to present the archive of condition and treatment reports covering the period between 1968 and 2017, and to discuss some cases of conservation works carried out over the fifty years. Another aim is to reveal the demand and potential of such types of archives and their research. The issues of conservation of books and paper in Lithuania and the features of heritage protection in the Soviet period are also discussed, delineating the context in which the means of documentation, decision-making related to restoration, and the methods of treatment should be evaluated and interpreted. The article presents the main tendencies found in the condition and treatment reports: the structure of written documentation and the visible priorities in providing information. The general features of conservation methodologies are discussed according to the criteria presented in the ICO-MOS Charter of Venice of 1964. [From the publication]

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