A comparison of the economic growth of the Baltic States between the two World Wars

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A comparison of the economic growth of the Baltic States between the two World Wars
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World political science. 2016, vol. 12, iss. 1, p. 1-23
Anguso Maddisono projektas; Kolinas Klarkas; Ekonomikos augimas; Estija; Suomija; Bendrasis vidaus produktas (BVP); Tarpukaris; Latvija; Lietuva.
Angus Maddison Project; Colin Clark; economic growth; Estonia; Finland; Gross domestic product (GDP); Interwar period; Latvia; Lithuania.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis paper contributes to cliometric research on the economic output of Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia between 1913 and 1938. For Finland, gross domestic product (GDP) values from Maddison project dataset are accepted. For Estonia, Arno Köörna’s and Jaak Valge’s estimates are endorsed with reservations for 1923–1924. According to an optimistic estimate, Lithuania’s GDP per capita was below all-Russian mean in 1913, but was not less than USSR level in 1938, while Gediminas Vaskela’s pessimistic estimate of the 1938 Lithuanian GDP implies its GDP growth underperformance. Using new sources, the first estimates of Latvia’s output for the 1913–1938 period in cross-country and cross-temporally comparable measurement units (1990 Geary Khamis international $) are substantiated. Under optimistic estimates of Lithuanian GDP growth, this country was on par with Finland in terms of annual growth rates, with Latvia following next and Estonia displaying the weakest growth performance. [From the publication]

2363-4774; 2363-4782
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