Kompiuterinis raštingumas: brūkšnys ir brūkšnelis

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Kompiuterinis raštingumas: brūkšnys ir brūkšnelis
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Computer literacy: dash and hyphen
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Gimtoji kalba mokykloje. 2013, [1], p. 25-37
Brūkšnelis; Brūkšnys; Kalbos norma; Kalbos taisyklingumas; Kompiuterinis raštingumas; Spausdinimas kompiuteriu.
Computer literacy; Dash; Hyphen; Language corectness; Language norm; Typing a text.
Summary / Abstract:

LTBrūkšnelio ir brūkšnio vartosena paprastai nekelia problemų rašant tekstą tradiciškai - ranka parkeriu, pieštuku ir pan. Spausdinant tekstą kompiuteriu reikia žinoti, kad skiriasi brūkšnio ilgis, išmanyti, kad skirtingi brūkšniai tekste spausdinami arba su tarpais, arba be tarpų ir kt. Skirtingi ženklai vartojami siekiant skirtingų tikslų. Straipsnio tikslas - aptarti brūkšnelio ir brūkšnio vartojimą kompiuteriu spausdinamuose tekstuose. [Iš straipsnio, p. 25]

ENThe usage of a dash and a hyphen is usually not a problem while writing a text traditionally, i.e. writing in pen, pencil and so on. However, while typing a text one should know that they are different symbols, dashes are longer, and they are typed with spaces or without spaces in the text and so on. Different symbols are used for different purposes. The article discusses the uses of a dash and a hyphen (why and how to use) in typed texts.While typing a text the following symbols are used:1) a hyphen [ - ]; 2) en dash [-]; 3) other dashes. Some of these symbols can be typed without any difficulties as there is a particular key on the keyboard, however, some symbols have no particular key and one should know how to type it by using appropriate combinations, i.e. encodings. A hyphen is a spelling mark, usually used without spaces around it. A dash is a punctuation mark; it is used with a single space on each side or may have no spaces around it. The use of spaces around hyphens and en dashes is defined by particular rules. The use of other dashes depends on a particular situation. [From the publication]

2351-5430; 9789955321866
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