Bendrinės kalbos įtaka rytų aukštaičių leksikai

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Bendrinės kalbos įtaka rytų aukštaičių leksikai
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Impact of standard Lithuanian on the vocabulary of Eastern Aukštaitians
Rytų aukštaičiai; Rytų aukštaičių patarmė; Bendrinė kalba; Leksikos kaita; Tarmių leksika; Skolintinė leksika; Indigeniniai žodžiai.
Eastern Aukštaitian; Eastern Aukštaitian subdialect; Standard language; Vocabulary change; Vocabulary of dialects; Borrowed vocabulary; Indigenous words.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe vocabulary is the most labile layer of the language, which is subject to changes most of all. On the basis of dictionaries and texts of the Eastern Aukštaitian subdialect published in the second half of the 20th-the 21st century, the article analyses the trends of the impact of the Standard Lithuanian language on the vocabulary of this subdialect. Due to the impact of the Standard Language, some indigenous words of the subdialect are replaced with the indigenous words that had another meaning, e.g. the noun atšlaimas 'a ground near a dwelling house' is replaced with the noun kiemas [a yard] whose previous meaning was 'a separate homestead, a farm'; the verb raškyti 'to separate a twig, a stalk, a leaf, a blossom, a fruit from the entire plant' is replaced with the verb skinti [to pluck]; the previous meaning of the latter was 'to cut, chop (wood, bushes)', etc. The trend to substitute the old borrowings of the subdialect for the words of the Standard Language is obvious. This is especially true when speaking about the vocabulary of the social and domestic sphere. The borrowed vocabulary related to the emotional sphere is changed to a lesser degree. Some words are not essentially replaced, at least by the representatives of the older generation, with the words of a corresponding meaning of the Standard Language, e.g. the nouns daktaras 'gydytojas' [a physician], viedras 'kibiras' [a bucket], the adjective durnas 'kvailas' [stupid] and others. [From the publication]

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