Studijų proceso kokybės vertinimas aukštojoje mokykloje: studentų nuomonė

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Straipsnis / Article
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Studijų proceso kokybės vertinimas aukštojoje mokykloje: studentų nuomonė
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Evaluation of quality of the study process in higher education: opinion of students
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Studijos šiuolaikinėje visuomenėje. 2015, Nr. 6(1), p. 55-62
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe paper presents opinion of students to the quality of the study process in higher school. The research was carried out in January 2015 by using a qualitative analysis method - a semi structural interview. 9 students of various study programmes of the Pedagogical Faculty of Klaipėda University participated in the research. The research objective was presented to participants and they were allowed to decide whether to participate in the research. An agreement of informants was received before recording the conversation. The limitation of qualitative researches can be related with subjectivity unavoidable in qualitative researches. Even though requirements necessary for such a type of researches were adhered with during planning and performance of the qualitative research, however, the generalisation of the research results and possibilities of their application are restricted by a partially small number of the research participants. Precisely the results of qualitative researches are unique and characteristic only to persons participating in the research. It would not be incorrect to apply conclusions of this research to the whole student population of the Pedagogical Faculty. However, by taking into consideration the opinion of students expressed and results of the research analysis we can focus our attention on the most important problems expressed by students and put more efforts in improvement of the study process quality and present the main conclusions. In accordance with the students' opinion, a student's motivation, inclusion and a lecturer's competence are distinguished as the main factors; the content of a subject and a psychological environment, methods of lecturing and material environment by emphasizing data bases and technological equipment are also important.Interviews with students have revealed the possibility of the improvement of the study process: to make the presentation of the subject study results more specific and clearer; to ensure as low number of uninteresting lectures where a student is only a passive participant as possible; to provide students with conditions to create knowledge together with lecturers during lectures; to plan the examination tasks more accurately and present them during the course of the first lecture; to organize examinations more effectively; to define the evaluation criteria more accurately; to provide feedback not only in the form of a grade. It is obvious that it is necessary to organize a debate in which students and teachers can express their views and this would isolate key priorities and to initiate certain changes in the organization of the study process. [From the publication]

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