Aukštojo mokslo pokyčiai : mega universitetų patirtis ir reitingavimo aspektai siekiant kokybės užtikrinimo

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Straipsnis / Article
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Aukštojo mokslo pokyčiai: mega universitetų patirtis ir reitingavimo aspektai siekiant kokybės užtikrinimo
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Changes in higher education: experience of mega universities and aspects of rankings for quality assurance
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Aukštasis mokslas; Aukštojo mokslo pokyčiai; Kokybė; Mega universitetai; Mega universitetų patirtis; Nuotolinis mokymas; Reitingavimas.
Changes in higher education; Distance Learning; Experience of mega universities; Higher Education; Mega Universities; Quality; Ranking.
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LTŠiame straipsnyje pristatoma mega universitetų samprata bei patirtis kokybės užtikrinimo srityje. Tai leis geriau susipažinti su mega universitetų konkrečiais kokybės užtikrinimo metodais ir struktūromis. Be to, bus pristatyti du populiariausi pasaulyje ir labiausiai žinomi reitingai (ARWU - Academic Ranking of World Universities, sudaromas nuo 2003 m., kurį rengia Šanchajaus Jiao Tong universitetas ir WUR - World University Ranking, sudaromas nuo 2004 m., inicijuotas laikraščio „The Times“ aukštojo mokslo padalinio) bei mega universitetų ir kitų universitetų vieta juose. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe processes of globalization and internationalization influence changes in higher education. Increasing requirements for higher education, development of technologies cause the need of new providers, methods and programmes. Therefore the survival and competition in national and international dimension becomes a big challenge for higher education institutions in Lithuania. According to 2011 LR Ministry of Education and Science degree„For higher education internationality promotion 2011-2012 programme's confirmation“ the tasks for higher education are defined as: Intemationality of Lithuanian higher education, creating cohesive connections with foreign countries science and study institutions; foreign countries students not lithuanian nationality) attraction for studies in Lithuania, providing the studies as a service; more intensive promotion of Baltic studies centres in foreign countries; the attraction of lithuanians living in foreign countries for studies in Lithuania; the promotion of cooperation between lithuanian researches living in foreign countries and Lithuanian researches. So, higher education becomes global, crossing countries borders, free and flexible for suggested learning forms and more grounded on distance education. Mega universities creation illustrates the development of universities. The popularity of mega universities is increasing and in future will have a tendency to increase, but the quality assurance in these institutions becomes relevent question. In this presentation will be presented mega universities experience in quality assurance area, providing the concrete quality assurance methods, fields and structures. Also there will be presented two most famous world ranking systems - ARWU - Academic Ranking of World Universities and WUR - World University Ranking, and places of mega universities in these ranking systems. [From the publication]

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