European initiative influence upon Lithuanian SME performance measurement

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European initiative influence upon Lithuanian SME performance measurement
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Procedia - social and behavioral sciences. 2015, 213, p. 261-267. 20th International scientific conference "Economics and Management 2015 (ICEM-2015)"
Valdymas / Management.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Europos Sąjungos iniciatyva; Finansiniai ir nefinansiniai pagrindiniai veiklos rodikliai; MVĮ veiklos vertinimas; European Union Initiative; Financial and non-financial key performance indicators; SME performance measurement.

ENThe aim of this paper is to analyse how European Initiative on accounting administrative burden release will influence Lithuanian small and medium companies’ performance measurement. Analysis of related literature, information comparison and generalization are used for European Union directives and Lithuanian information infrastructure overview. Empirical research is performed using survey method, for data evaluation descriptive statistics method as well as qualitative (systematization, classification, causal, functional and structural links analysis) and quantitative data analysis (quantitative indicators calculation) was applied. The empirical research results revealed that Lithuanian SME companies still lack even distribution and balance of financial and non-financial key performance indicators thus meaning they are still not adapted to forthcoming accounting and performance measurement changes influenced by EU initiative. The comprehensive analysis of EU directives and other law acts as well as Lithuanian information infrastructure analysis enables to forecast the SME performance measurement perspectives. The significant decrease of financial data accessibility is being forecasted as the main subsequence of forthcoming EU initiative thus changing accounting environment and practise. [From the publication]

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