The Role of voluntary organisations in constructing the common identity and mobilising of Polish community in Southeastern Lithuania

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The Role of voluntary organisations in constructing the common identity and mobilising of Polish community in Southeastern Lithuania
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Polish political science review. 2015, vol. 3, no. 1, p. 17-34
Eišiškės; Jašiūnai; Pabradė; Šalčininkai; Švenčionėliai; Švenčionys; Lietuva (Lithuania); Liaudies kultūra / Folk culture.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Etninis; Lenkų etninė grupė; Pietryčių Lietuva; Pilietinis; Savanoriškos organizacijos; Vietinis ir regioninis identitetas ir savanoriškos organizacijos; Vietos ir regioninė tapatybė; And voluntary organisations; Civic; Ethnic; Local and regional identity; Polish ethnic group; Southeastern Lithuania; Voluntary organisations.

ENThis paper is based on a series of qualitative (semi-structured) interviews conducted by the author with representatives of Polish civic organisations in southeastern Lithuania (the towns of Eišiškės, Jašiūnai, Pabradė, Šalčininkai, Švenčionys, Švenčionėliai, and Turgeliai). Data was collected from January 2013 to June 2014 as part of a research project to investigate ethnic, civic, regional, and local identities of ethnic minorities in southeastern Lithuania. The project was carried out by the Institute for Ethnic Studies at the Lithuanian Social Research Centre and was funded by the Research Council of Lithuania. The paper discusses the role of voluntary organisations operating in Southeastern Lithuania in mobilising the Polish community. The author investigates the activity of Polish organisations as they maintain and construct the identity (ethnic, civic, local and regional) of local community. Part of the research strategy is to recognise the content and means by which these organisations appeal to collective memory to create and affirm Polish identity. An analysis of interview data shows that the activities of organisations predominantly target the Polish community and their aims are to promote and foster Polish culture, language, and history. The Polish civic and political organisations and their leaders play active roles in identity building and mobilising the Polish Community in southeastern Lithuania. Referencing and recalling collective memories of the Polish ethnic group is an important tool for building a collective identity that lack local and regional dimensions. [From the publication]

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