Macroeconomic dimensions in the clusterization processes : Lithuanian biomass cluster case

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Straipsnis / Article
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Macroeconomic dimensions in the clusterization processes: Lithuanian biomass cluster case
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Scientific annals of economics and business. 2017, vol. 64, no. 1, p. 33-44
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Biomasės klasteris; Klasterizavimas; Makroekonominės strategijos; Sąnaudų ir naudos analizė; Biomass cluster; Clusterization; Cost–benefit analysis; Macroeconomic strategies.
Biomasės klasteris; Ekonominė analizė. Prognozavimas / Economic analysis. Forecasting; Klasterizavimas; Makroekonominės strategijos.
Biomass cluster; Clusterization; Cost–benefit analysis; Macroeconomic strategies.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe Future production systems’ increasing significance will impose work, which maintains not a competitive, but a collaboration basis, with concentrated resources and expertise, which can help to reach the general purpose. One form of collaboration among medium-size business organizations is work in clusters. Clusterization as a phenomenon has been known from quite a long time, but it offers simple benefits to researches at micro and medium levels. The clusterization process evaluation in macroeconomic dimensions has been comparatively little investigated. Thereby, in this article, the clusterization processes is analysed by concentrating our attention on macroeconomic factor researches. The authors analyse clusterization’s influence on country’s macroeconomic growth; they apply a structure research methodology for clusterization’s macroeconomic influence evaluation and propose that clusterization processes benefit macroeconomic analysis. The theoretical model of clusterization processes was validated by referring to a biomass cluster case. Because biomass cluster case is a new phenomenon, currently there are no other scientific approaches to them. The authors’ accomplished researches show that clusterization allows the achievement of a large positive slip in macroeconomics, which proves to lead to a high value added to creation, a faster country economic growth, and social situation amelioration. [From the publication]

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