Assessing quality of city development by the acquired criteria of landscape urbanism

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Assessing quality of city development by the acquired criteria of landscape urbanism
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Architecture and urban planning [Arhitektūra un pilsetplānošana]. 2016, 12, p. 37-43
Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Architektūra / Architecture; Kraštovaizdis / Landscape; Vienuolijos / Monasteries.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Kokybės rodikliai; Kokybės rodiklis; Kraštovaizdis; Kraštovaizdžio architektūra; Misionierių parkas; Plėtros kokybė; Rodiklis; Urbanizmas; Vertinimo metodai; Assessment methods; Landscape; Landscape architecture; Missionaries Park; Quality indicator; Quality indicators; Quality of development; Trend; Urbanism.

ENWe may see modern urbanism as a collection of many successful developments as well as a series of endless mistakes and repeated failures. The paper focuses on the analysis of existing and former urban planning and design patterns in aspect of efficiency of applied methods to achieve higher quality referring to the philosophy and practice of Landscape Urbanism. The Missionaries Block in Vilnius City serves as a case study for assessing its development in three distinguishable periods by the set of quality criteria derived from Landscape Urbanism theories and practices. The assessment results disclose an evident drop in the overall quality of the selected site’s development in the recent period. The paper discusses if and how one may use the method employed hereby for programming and shaping the future regeneration and redevelopment of existing urban setting. [From the publication]

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