Vaikų su žymiu cerebriniu paralyžiumi judesių tobulinimas piešiant

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Vaikų su žymiu cerebriniu paralyžiumi judesių tobulinimas piešiant
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Improving the childrens with severe cerebral palsy movements by painting
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 229-238, 288
Specialusis ugdymas / Special education; Vaikai / Children.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Judesių tobulinimas piešiant; Vaikai su žymiu cerebriniu paralyžium, piešimas; Vaikai su žymiu cerebriniu paralyžiumi; Children with cerebrospinal paralysis, drawing; Childrens with Severe Cerebral Palsy; Improving Movements by Painting.

ENMarius Strolia and Audronė Brazauskaitė in the article analyze the characteristics of improving the movements of children with severe cerebral palsy by painting. It was established that the cognitive development of a child manifests itself through his/her movement. Drawing and playing are the most important links in the cognitive process of children with severe cerebral palsy. Drawing encourages making a movement while playing provides additional motivation to do it. The level of graphic expression depends on the physical state. Due to the nature of the disorder, many children are not able to draw precise contours on a sheet of paper. Judging on the results of the pedagogical experiment it can be claimed that a purposeful application of the program of movement improvement by artistic activity can affect the children's perception as well as motor development. Movement improvement should cover different educational fields and become an integral part of the general child development program. During the research, movements were improved during various activities as a continuation of the artistic activity. [From the publication]

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