Strateginis planavimas bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje : dabartis ir perspektyvos

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Straipsnis / Article
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Strateginis planavimas bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje: dabartis ir perspektyvos
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Strategic planning in the comprehensive school: the present and the perspective
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 88-98
Mokykla / School; Pagrindinis ugdymas / Basic Secondary Education.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Bendrojo lavinimo mokykla; Bendrojo lavinimo mokykla, strategija, strateginis planas, strateginis; Planavimas; Strategija; Strateginis planas; Strateginis planavimas; Comprehensive education school; Schools for basic education, strategy, strategic plan, strategic planning; Strategic plan; Strategic planning; Strategy.

ENConstant and rapid changes, stimulated by the process of the world globalization, integration into European Union economical, cultural and educational space, conditioned the changes in the educational system of Lithuania. It has cost the new requirements for the leaders of schools as well as for the whole school community. Today we need the high qualified specialists of management, who are competent, who have got proper knowledge and skills and can influence the processes of changes in schools. Strategic planning is the summation of the collective decisions and views of the whole school community, which stimulate and motivate every member of the organization to assume the responsibility for the actions of the organization. Strategic planning is the process during which the organization decides what it is going to aim for and how it will be done. Therefore, the research question has been raised-what is the influence of the strategic planning for the alternation of school: does strategic planning help to control the changes at comprehensive schools; how to help the leaders of comprehensive schools to lead the alternation of school?.The aim of the research is to analyze the features of the strategic planning in comprehensive schools. Analysis of the documents, regulating the reform of comprehensive schools of Lithuania, analysis of the theoretical works and documents of foreign and national scientists about the role of the strategic planning at schools has been carried out and presented in the paper. Also the results of the empirical research of the strategic planning at comprehensive schools are presented. In summarizing the paper the following conclusions can be drawn: strategic planning is a new process in the comprehensive schools of Utena district, which helps school to plan the changes. All members of strategic planning groups are interested in the alternation of their school, but they aren’t able to realize their potential completely in this process, because of the lack of experience, competence and financial recourses, so the development of their qualification is one of the work fields of the leaders of the education institutions. [From the publication]

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