Utenos rajono pedagogų socialinė kompetencija : raiška ir tobulinimo galimybės

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Utenos rajono pedagogų socialinė kompetencija: raiška ir tobulinimo galimybės
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Social competence ehpresion and development possibility of Utena region pedagogues
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 4, p. 14-22
Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education; Pedagogai / Pedagogues; Ugdymas / Education.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Asmenybė; Pedagogas; Pedagogų socialinė kompetencija, demokratinė švietimo sistema, socialinis pedagogas, asmenybės santykis su savimi, asmenybės santykis su kitais, asmenybės santykis su aplinka; Socialinė kompetencija; Ugdymas; Education; Personality; Social competence; Teacher; Teachers' social competence, Democratic education system, Social pedagogue, Personality relationship with oneself, Personality relationship with others, Personality relation with the environment.

ENThe changes in public life and the reform of education determinate new requirements to the pedagogues. Today our school needs new type teacher who has wide spectrum of competence. Especially it is very important topicality of social competence. The aim of this work was to analyze pedagogues’ social competence expression and development possibility. Whereas the construct of social competence is very complicated and various, there were elected shifts of openness, orientation value and social responsibility, communication and collaboration in education institutions, as education and competence cause as the main points. Such selection of the main points allowed to see the rapports among the pedagogies themselves, others and problematical situation. In the theory part of the work there was properly traversed conception of the pedagogues social competence and it’s topicality in current school was developed here was unclosed the expression of the competence. The ways of the pedagogues’ social competence development are under consideration. In this work a very big attention is given to the pedagogues shift qualification development and active position in developing education system. In the practical part of the work there were researched the motives and the opportunities of Utena pedagogues social competence development.The research showed that the students at school feel partly good. There is a deficit of the tolerance in the relationships between the teachers and the students. The teachers avoid to involve the students as a partners to the education process. In the dominate the health, family happiness, the perfection are very important to the teachers, but such things as patriotism, modesty, public recognition are meaningless. The pedagogues haven’t such social competence rates as empathy, tolerance, shift of openness, flexibility, self-confidence, communication and collaboration skills, especially organizing the work with the parents or colleagues. The results showed that it is very difficult to the teachers to play the roles of the mentor, the tutor or the organizer. The experts and the pedagogues predicated that it’s very easy to play the role of the teacher, so the preparation and the knowledges are that most important. Developing their social competence, the pedagogues use individual ways of learning. [From the publication]

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