Ekonominio sporto rinkos poveikio šalies ūkiui analizės turinys ir aktualumas

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Ekonominio sporto rinkos poveikio šalies ūkiui analizės turinys ir aktualumas
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Analysis of the economic impact of sport: content and relevance
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Sporto mokslas [Sports science]. 2013, Nr. 3 (73), p. 8-12
Austrija (Austria); Kipras (Cyprus); Nyderlandai (Netherlands); Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Sportas / Sport.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Ekonomikos įtaka; Ekonominis poveikis; Ekonominis poveikis: Sporto ekonominės sąskaitos; Sporto ekonomika; Sporto ekonominės sąskaitos; Sporto rinka; Economic impact; Economic importance; Sport market; Sport satellite account; Sport to economy.

ENRecently, the economic concepts and methods have been often applied in the analysis of sports activities with the aim to explain the input of sports for the country’s economic growth and employment. European Commission in the White Paper on Sport (2007) announced the initiative to develop the European statistical method for measuring the economic impact of sport as a basis for national statistical accounts for sport. In October 2011 an Expert Group on “Sport Statistics” (XG STAT) was established in accounting for the Communication on Sport (2011) and in adopting the EU Work Plan for Sport for 2011-2014 where the economic aspects of sport, in particular evidencebased policy-making is as a priority theme for EU level cooperation in sport. The contribution of sport to economy is measured by three indicators: revenue generated from sport activities and its share in the gross domestic product, employability, i.e. the number of employed persons and the economic value created by them, and the added value from sport related activities. Austria, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherlands and Germany have already finished the calculations of economic benefit of sports. The goal of the theoretical research is to introduce the contents of the analysis of the contribution of sport on economic growth and to justify its relevance. A document analysis method was applied. The manuals for the constructions of sport satellite accounts from United Kingdom, Austria and the Netherlands and working documents the EC Expert Group XG STAT were used.This paper presents the definition of sport satellite account, revealing the Vilnius Definition of content and introduce with the sports content of the Classification of Economic Activities, analyzes the definition of sport in the economic sense and the algorithm of the economic impact of sport. The economic impact of sports analysis to the national economy becomes important in the context of each country. EU representatives unanimously agreed to a unified economic sports market valuation methodology, and the research carried out will be able to actualize a certain sporting activities and justify their role in the society by creating added values of the sports market. [From the publication]

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