Изображения на плакированных серебром железных изделиях пруссов и куршей

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Изображения на плакированных серебром железных изделиях пруссов и куршей
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Images on silver-plated iron products Prussians and Curonians
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Res humanitariae. 2016, t. 20, p. 10-30
Prūsai; Kuršiai; Vikingų epocha; Kaltinis ornamentas.
Prussians; Curonians; Viking Age; Hammered ornaments.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe final phase of the Viking Age in the Prussian material culture was marked by the proliferation of media in the retinue of the Prussians and Curonians bronze and iron products, coated (plated) of silver. Consideration of the entire image array on these subjects has led to the following conclusions: 1. X – early XI centuries Prussian master jewelers in the first product, silver-coated, oriented to Scandinavian and Byzantine figurative patterns. 2. In the XI century in the south-eastern Baltic are distributed simplified versions of linear decoration (cross-sections of copper wire inlaid in his stirrups and keys), self (?) developed Balts masters. 3. XIII a. in westbaltics communities appears purely local way of sacrificial goat, satellite (and the symbol?) Perkuno God. At the final stage of this chart pattern at the plated products it becomes obvious indicators of high social status of its owner (as previously Icelandic gyrfalcon on the plated silver pendants headlamp horses Prussian warriors). 4. In the middle XI–XIII centuries Prussia and Curonians applies the custom of decorating parts of horse harness line and wicker pieces crosswise (at least – profile heads bared his dogs), who had a sense of amulets. 5. By the XIV century from the Prussian nobility extends the custom of wearing “knightly” zones, as the Order’s decorated and traditionally Prussian images. Later burials of Christianized Prussians plated items disappear along with the main array of other burial items. [From the publication]

1822-7708; 2538-922X
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