Kokybės vadyba plėtojant pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo sistemą

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kokybės vadyba plėtojant pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimo sistemą
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Quality management in the development of teachers qualification system
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Viešasis administravimas [Public Administration]. 2012, Nr. 3, p. 71-76
Kokybės vadyba; Pedagogų kvalifikacija.
Quality management; Teachers qualification.
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ENThe article analyses the social aspect of the quality of Lithuanian teacher development. Quality management is given unsystematic attention in the process of teacher development, thus the authors of this article address the subject of quality of teacher development. The article presents the findings of the empiric research carried out in April 2011. The research employed the case study strategy which is based on the theoretical principles of social construction and participation, as well as hermeneutics. The methods of content analysis, meta-analysis and group discussion were applied in the research. Having analyzed the legal and functional environments, the practice of the institutions providing teacher development services in Lithuania were studied. The researchers analyzed the information published on the websites of all the teacher education centres operating in the territory of Lithuania and the publicly-available reports on national and regional researches concerning education and teacher development. In order to correct the data collected at the first stage of the research, in September and October of 2011 group discussions were organized for representatives from teacher development institutions and teachers who use the services of such institutions.All the data gathered throughout the research was analyzed and the following conclusions were drawn: 1) as the Lithuanian teacher community has used obligatory appraisal and self-appraisal since 2004–2005 in pursuance of quality education, application of the aforementioned methods in teacher development will not be new or difficult to comprehend; 2) the process of teacher development ensures quality programme preparation; however, absence of feedback on the quality of programme implementation, does not allow claiming that the quality of teacher development is ensured; 3) the research revealed that it is practically impossible to recognize the classical quality terms, such as quality planning, quality management, quality assurance and quality improvement in the process of teacher development; thus it may be claimed that quality management in the process of teacher development is unsystematic. [From the publication]

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